Satellite Evolution Global

May 2022

Cover Story: Three approaches to bridging the Digital Divide in Latin America

  • Revolutionizing remote sites around the world with IoT

  • Alvaro Alonso Ruiz, Co-Founder & CCO, Leanspace

  • Chris Blackerby, Chief Operating Officer, Astroscale

  • Mark Rocket, Chief Executive Officer & Company Director, Kea Aerospace

  • Christian Patouraux, CEO, Kacific

Global Military Communications

April 2022

Cover Story: Staying a step ahead of security and crisis risks

  • Space crash

  • Q&A Carol Craig, CEO, Sidus Space

  • Gaining an operational edge: why satcom leverage lies in a layered approach

  • Beware ‘the new Trojan Horse’: Why cyber hardening is imperative to government defence

  • NGOs fight on the most vital frontlines of our times

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Satellite Evolution Global

April 2022

Cover Story: Full speed ahead: How satellite operators manage to be both - an ISP and a TV broadcaster

  • Executive Movers & Shakers

  • Revolutionizing the way to space

  • Andrew Bond, Sales and Marketing Director, ETL Systems

  • Dr Stéphane Estable, PERIOD project Coordinator and System Architect, Airbus Defence & Space

  • Digitizing gateways for NewSpace: The ticket to play in the virtual satellite world

  • Shaping a cloud-native future for 5G, with the use of Kubernetes

  • Reducing interference issues between 5G and C-band satellite communications

  • Special Focus: Space Foundation

Satellite Evolution Global

Satellite Evolution Global

March 2022

Cover Story: What the new UN:IO 400 laser constellation has learned from satellite fleets of the past 

  • The race to embrace NewSpace - how market leaders see the space market today

  • Q&A Dr. Vagan Shakhgildian, President of Comtech Satellite Network Technologies Corporation in Montreal, Canada

  • Q&A Scott Sentz, Director of Sales & Marketing, Q-Tech Corporation        

  • Q&A Frederik Simoens, Chief Technology Officer of ST Engineering iDirect

  • Q&A Joel Spark, Co-Founder and VP of Space Systems at Spire Global

  • Company Review - ST Engineering iDirect

  • Executive Movers & Shakers

Satellite Evolution Global

Satellite Evolution Global

February 2022

Cover Story: Inflight connectivity

  • The real space race: Connecting businesses to satellite constellations

  • How can satellite geospatial construction change our approach to development?

  • Niche networks are the new normal

  • Algorithms at altitude

  • Inflight connectivity: Onwards and upwards

  • The evolving threat of cyberweaponry

  • Q&A Manik Vinnakota, Director, Commercial, and Product Development at Telesat

Satellite Evolution Global

Global Military Communications

February 2022

Cover Story: Preventing human error data leaks

  • How to prevent potentially life threatening human error data leaks

  • Countering UAS technology

  • Q&A Mark Barrett, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder of Blu Wireless

  • Q&A Mark Rushton, Business Development Director of VITEC

  • Simulated training

  • Q&A Cameron Chell, CEO, Draganfly

Global Military Communications

Satellite Evolution Global

January 2022

Cover Story: Space robotics

  • On the horizon: The sixth generation mobile standard

  • Building a satellite factory in space

  • Space robotics are revolutionizing the stability of the NewSpace market

  • Who’s afraid of the V-band wolf?

  • A race in space to build the ‘Network of Tomorrow’

  • The impact of new satcom technologies on maritime

  • Q&A Tom McCarthy, VP of Business Development, Motiv Space Systems

  • Q&A Alastair Bovim, CEO of Insight Terra

Satellite Evolution Global

Satellite Evolution EMEA

November/December 2021

Cover Story: Connectivity

  • Q&A Es'hailSat

  • Industrial IoT

  • Q&A DSA

  • Year in Review

  • Q&A Foundation for the Future

Satellite Evolution EMEA

Global Military Communications

November/December 2021

Cover Story: Challenges in US border security

  • How the US Intelligence Community is driving new security protocols in satcom

  • Q&A Alexander Mueller-Gastell, CEO of ND SATCOM

  • Keeping military satellite communications secure

  • Q&A Phil Mar, CTO for Government Systems at Viasat

  • Nelson Santini, CEO, Minerva Space Technologies

  • Are we doing enough to prevent space debris?

Global Military Communications

Satellite Evolution Asia

November/December 2021

Cover Story: Aerospace odyssey

  • Satellite News Review

  • Australia Space Economy

  • Q&A Intelsat

  • Q&A Space Forge

  • Cloud Technology

  • Q&A SiG

Satellite Evolution Asia

Satellite Evolution EMEA

September/October 2021

Cover Story: Connecting Africa


  • Test & Measurement

  • Q&A Spaceport Cornwall

  • Flat Panel Antennas

  • Maritime Communications

  • Q&A ViaLite

Satellite Evolution EMEA

Global Military Communications

September/October 2021

Cover Story: Driving defence procurement to the cutting edge

  • Driving defence procurement to the cutting-edge

  • Surveillance balloons

  • Q&A Krystal Dredge, Director of Marketing, AvL Technologies

  • Getting the backhaul right for avionics telemetry links

  • SDRs for ground stations

  • Q&A Rick Lober, GM and VP, Hughes Defence and Intelligence Systems Division

  • Keeping comms-on-the-move secure as well as reliable in the commercial sector

Global Military Communications

Satellite Evolution Americas

September/October 2021

Cover Story: Antennas

  • Airbus delivers strong new market

  • Steering towards the finish line

  • Comtech Satellite Network Technologies born to optimize increasingly sophisticated networks

  • Securing Space

  • Developing connectivity technology

  • 5G IoT connectivity

  • An industry determined to lead and innovate emerges amid a pandemic at Satellite 2021

Satellite Evolution Americas

Satellite Evolution Asia

September/October 2021

Cover Story: Connectivity

  • Satellite News Review

  • Making waves in the connectivity market

  • Satellites and IoT combine in best-of-breed tracking solution for livestock owners

  • Keeping comms on the move secure

  • Unleashing Asia’s digital potential with Wi-Fi in the 6GHz band

  • Is there a real 5G interference problem?

  • Ubiquitous 5G will require low Earth orbit satellites

  • Connecting to the Moon and beyond

Satellite Evolution Asia

As the satellite industry becomes less regional and more global in its outlook, here at Satellite Evolution Group we have decided to make changes to our portfolio line-up. From January 2022 we have merged Satellite Evolution Asia, Satellite evolution EMEA, Satellite Evolution Americas, and NewSpace International into one magazine - Satellite Evolution Global. This change will better serve the information needs of our readers and an ever-changing satellite sector. This change will also strengthen our, truly, global digital platform.