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HGH Infrared Systems, award winner at SCTX 2018

HGH Infrared Systems, award winner at SCTX 2018

The automatic detection & tracking software CYCLOPE was named 'Best Counter Terror IT product' at the SCTX 2018 Award Ceremony. The Counter Terror Awards’ Ceremony took place at the Olympia, London. HGH Infrared Systems won their 2nd award in six months, this time to recognize their detection & tracking software’s success in the fight against terrorism.

HGH Infrared Systems’ CYCLOPE Software is under the spotlights at UK’s leading national security event. The automatic intrusion detection & tracking software was recognized for its capabilities to detect, track, identify and recognize an unlimited number of threats, on land at sea and in the air.

CYCLOPE is HGH’s 360° thermal sensor’s (Spynel) integrated software. CYCLOPE’s current version takes advantage of more than 15 years of experience in data processing applied to critical infrastructure protection and InfraRed Search & Track applications, with the development of unique detecting and tracking algorithms with ultra-low FAR (False Alarm Rate). In the next few weeks, CYCLOPE 5.0 will be out, with a brand new Alarm Management Module enabling an automatic classification of threats.

Spynel sensors and their CYCLOPE software are and have been used to prevent terrorist acts, thanks to the data accuracy they provide and their ability to detect and track the smallest objects in real time.

"Our sensors and our Cyclope software keep on evolving to adapt to demand, and to our society’s growing security needs. We are very happy to see that our innovative efforts are rewarded." said Edouard Campana, HGH Infrared Systems’ Sales Director.

In November 2017, HGH had received the Milipol Innovation Award in the category « Best Anti-Drone System ».

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