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Spanish Ministry of Defence purchases Chemring Technology Solutions' GroundHunter IED Wire Detec

Spanish Ministry of Defence purchases Chemring Technology Solutions' GroundHunter IED Wire Detectors

The Spanish Ministry of Defence (Ministerio de Defensa de España) has awarded Chemring Technology Solutions a second contract to supply further GroundHunter Advanced Wire Detectors (AWD). The new contract follows a successful product evaluation by the Spanish Ministry of Defence and its Spanish partner Eleycon21.

GroundHunter AWD is the world’s most accurate improvised explosive device (IED) wire detector, and was selected by the Spanish Ministry of Defence following an extensive evaluation programme. GroundHunter AWD was proven to deliver unrivalled operational support as it can identify the full spectrum of IED wires, from angel wire upwards, operating over the range of wire lengths and depths used by insurgents. This includes the end of command wires, which until now have been impossible to detect.

The system also provides increased assurance in wet ground, or where the IED has been weathered-in and there is no visible ground disturbance, which other detectors are unable to achieve. GroundHunter AWD’s pinpoint accuracy across a wide variety of soil types means that operators are not required to adapt to the evolving terrain, delivering rapid and reliable search support to optimise operation advance times.

Sergeant First Class Burgos, EOD Team Leader, Ministerio de Defensa de España, said: “Of all the equipment we evaluated, GroundHunter AWD was the only one to meet our requirements and exceeded the performance of other systems. Its high levels of detection will give our operators the highest levels of assurance.”

Eleycon21 distribute and support the AWD product throughout Spain. Gabriel Crespo, Managing Director of Eleycon21, said: “AWD offers a ground-breaking approach to identifying advanced IED wire threats and it will deliver the Spanish MoD a distinct advantage. We are therefore delighted to be partnering GroundHunter AWD in the delivery and support of its technology in Spain.”

A highly intuitive system, GroundHunter AWD requires minimal training and auto calibrates in under ten seconds. It requires no further calibration when ground compositions vary, enabling search teams to respond quickly to changing scenarios. It is interoperable with the majority of in-service equipment, minimising equipment inventory, soldier burden and cost. GroundHunter AWD’s combination of extremely low false alarm rates and EMC compatibility with other equipment, including communications and jamming systems, minimises interference and maintains a high degree of detection reliability.

Roger Hopper, Strategic Business Development Manager, at Chemring Technology Solutions, said: “Chemring Technology Solutions’ proven pedigree of developing exceptional sensors and systems has enabled us to create GroundHunter AWD. It is easy to use, easy to train, easy to carry and is the most effective wire detector in all the competitive trials. The Spanish Ministry of Defence’s decision to purchase GroundHunter AWD is testament to this unique sensing technology which delivers a new and unrivalled level of assurance when finding command wires.”

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