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Bittium showcases its expanded product portfolios for tactical and secure communications at DSEI

Bittium showcases its expanded product portfolios for tactical and secure communications at DSEI

Bittium showcases its expanded product portfolios for tactical and secure communications at the DSEI defense and security event in London, United Kingdom on September 10-13, 2019.

The tactical communications product portfolio being showcased at the event consists of advanced products that are meant for IP-based (Internet Protocol) data transfer, including the software-defined Bittium Tough SDR™ radios and Bittium Tactical Wireless IP Network™ system. The products can be used on their own or as tactical communications systems that are resilient, enable situational awareness across the battlefield, and are compatible with each other and with third party devices and systems.

The product portfolio for secure communications consists of ultra secure smartphones belonging to the Bittium Tough Mobile™ product family, where the latest addition is the Bittium Tough Mobile™ 2 smartphone, and their back-end systems. The information security of the smartphone-based solutions is built in layers starting from the device hardware. The multilayered information security and its unique features combined with the ease of use, make the smartphones and the supporting software solutions the perfect complete system for authorities and other customers who require a high level of information security. The smartphones are designed and manufactured in Finland and Bittium ensures supervised and secure manufacturing and supply of the smartphones to the customers.

Products and solutions showcased at the event:

  • Bittium Tactical Wireless IP Network™ (TAC WIN) is a Software Defined Radio based wireless broadband network system intended for military and public safety use. With the system MANET (mobile ad hoc network), link, and connection networks can be formed into one logical IP network quickly, no matter what the location is. Bittium TAC WIN is an excellent data transfer solution for example for weapon systems and unmanned vehicle platforms due to its mobility, low latency and high bandwidth features.

  • Bittium Tough SDR™ product family consists of Bittium Tough SDR Handheld™, tactical handheld radio for individual soldiers, and Bittium Tough SDR Vehicular™, tactical radio for vehicle installations. The uniquely wide range of frequency bands in the radios improves combat survivability, and using several waveforms, even simultaneously, improves compatibility and enables operations on different levels and missions.

  • Bittium Tough Comnode™ fulfils the data transfer needs for mobile troops by functioning for example as a VoIP phone, an IP router, and an SHDSL repeater. Additionally, Bittium Tough Comnode enables also using legacy Combat Net Radios (CNR) as part of the IP-based tactical communication system (Radio over IP, RoIP).

  • Bittium Tough VoIP™ product family’s products enable tactical IP calls and broadband data transfer even in demanding conditions. Products are also easily integrated to existing IP infrastructure.

  • Bittium Tough Mobile™ product family consists of ultra secure Android-based smartphones that combine multilayered hardware- and software-based information security features with ease of use. The smartphones are designed and manufactured in Finland. Bittium Tough Mobile smartphone together with the Bittium Secure Suite™ back-end system is the first smartphone-based solution in the world that has been security certified to CONFIDENTIAL level.

  • Bittium Secure Suite™ device management and encryption software product enables efficient utilization of the information security features of the smartphone as well as reliable mobile device management, remote attestation and securing the network connections of the device. Bittium Tough Mobile product family’s smartphones together with Bittium Secure Suite form a unique and reliable system for securely processing and transferring encrypted and classified material, and securing critical communications.

  • Bittium SafeMove® Analytics is an advanced monitoring and reporting software module that helps authorities to monitor the quality of network connectivity and performance in critical communications. The Analytics tool gathers data of the factual service level experienced by the device fleet in order to improve the efficiency of authorities and other organizations using the software.

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