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New report from WTA, “Inside the Top Operators” provides key insights into market trends for telepor

New report from WTA, “Inside the Top Operators” provides key insights into market trends for teleport operators

The World Teleport Association (WTA) has released Inside the Top Operators, an annual report on growth, pricing changes, the state of competition and how leading teleport operators are responding to the trends. “The Top Operators are the sample of the largest and fastest-growing teleport operators in the world,” said executive director and report author Robert Bell. “Their experiences over the past year highlight key trends from a leveling of overall revenue growth to higher prices teleports are able to charge for their core value-added services even as the prices of satellite and terrestrial capacity decline.” WTA members can access the report by signing in to their accounts on the WTA website. Non-members can purchase the report for US$450. WTA Members may directly download the report by following this link.

WTA published the first Top Teleport Operator rankings in 2004 to focus attention on the important, but often unsung, role that satellite service providers play in the satellite communications market. New rankings have been published every year since then, based on an annual survey of operators as well as review of financial data from publicly-traded firms. The Top Operators respondents not only provided financial data for the past two complete fiscal years but also shared information on trends in markets, pricing and services at the end of the 2018 calendar year. Key market trends found in the report include: revenue growth leveling off for three consecutive years; improvements in pricing for teleport services even as capacity prices fall; enterprise growing fast; and top operators doing more business with terrestrial carriers overall.

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