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Telefónica reinforces its wholesale core portfolio and network to extend its digital leadership

Telefónica reinforces its wholesale core portfolio and network to extend its digital leadership

Telefónica International Wholesale Services (TIWS) announces today a series of actions which will further reinforce its digital leadership across the wholesale sector whilst simultaneously evolving its core traditional services and responding to new market trends.

Building on the 2018 announcement confirming the completion of Network Automation across a number of services, TIWS is now pleased to confirm network automation has been completed for all networking services across its footprint. Complementing this automation, Telefónica also offers its customers and partners self-managed quoting tools, which allows them to avoid ongoing manual intervention and provides visibility of every estimated offer for end customers.

This significant step is critical for driving digital transformation, as networking services can now be automatically provisioned, orchestrated from a common control layer and modified according to a customer’s specific requirements. Importantly this is another step forward in the evolution of the network towards leveraging machine learning, data analytics and prediction/artificial intelligence, whilst increasing quality and generating efficiencies in the day-to-day management.

Ultimately, the drive towards network automation and software defined networks has a number of important benefits; the application and analysis layer is capable of controlling the SDN planes, network health, trouble shooting, workflow automation, traffic variation and resource prediction, among others.

Aligned with the network automation and software defined network strategy, all international partner agreements have been updated to provide for emerging and new technology configurations, and flexible commercial models. This will ensure customers have access to the latest cutting edge services, such as the forthcoming SD-WAN Service, which when combined with the transport layer upgrade, will allow unparalleled high bandwidth connectivity for international customers and their data needs.

Coverage and network speed remain core differentiators and are essential in the wholesale segment to remain competitive. TIWS is pleased to announce it has extended its global service reach of internet access for resale to over 30 countries, delivering unrivalled direct presence in Latin America and Europe, and leveraging new access technologies such as FTTH, satellite teleports in remote locations and mobile accesses.

This service enables other carriers to radically extend their footprint and enhance their connectivity portfolio immediately. As outlined, TIWS has upgraded its Ethernet service, now offering higher bandwidths from its international backbone, and is implementing APIs across its Ethernet service. Furthermore, new API proof of concept tests will be explored working within its external partner network.

When combined, these initiatives provide a strong platform from which to continue to provide the necessary platforms and services to enable the digital transformation of its own customers and their customers.

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