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Intellian’s pioneering v85NX antenna excels in Castor Marine tests

The world’s first 85cm Ku- to Ka-band convertible VSAT antenna system is now available to customers

Dutch maritime connectivity and IT service provider Castor Marine has completed extensive network performance testing of the new Intellian v85NX, reporting that the world’s first Ku- to Ka-band convertible 85cm VSAT antenna system displays RF capabilities well on par with larger, heavier and more costly VSAT antenna system alternatives.

With clients in shipping, offshore and superyachts, Castor Marine was keen to assess Intellian’s pioneering antenna system in a series of working trials. Intellian’s innovative new industry benchmark system enables new levels of flexibility for global operation across a variety of vessel sizes and types, making it highly attractive to service providers with a diverse client base.

The proven RF performance on Castor Marine’s iDirect network positions the v85NX as a strong and viable alternative to 1m VSAT systems, while delivering significantly better link capabilities than current 80cm antenna systems. Ultimately, this enables Castor Marine to offer more choice with fewer inventory requirements, plus straightforward conversion between Ku- and Ka-band today, while retaining flexibility for customers wishing to move to new constellations and 2.5GHz wideband Ka networks when they become available.

“We tested the Intellian v85NX to measure the performance on our iDirect network, and were pleased to see it matching the larger antenna for link quality,” said Mark Olthuis, Director, Castor Marine. “Our Field Engineers were also keen to point out the build quality of the NX platform as well as the simpler installation. Likewise, having one spares kit for all NX antennas saves money for our customers while reducing the storage burden.”

“The feedback from Castor Marine validates our focus on RF performance and delivering unmatched flexibility across the entire NX range,” said Jim Hatcher, Director of Product, Intellian. “The system becomes doubly attractive when you consider that its standardised modular components simplify maintenance and substantially lower the total cost of ownership. Factor these controlled costs into its market-leading performance, and it’s clear to see that the v85NX is in a league of its own, as confirmed by Castor Marine’s testing and positive response.”

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