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MASS supports national defence college, Oman, in strategic decision-making exercise

MASS supports national defence college, Oman, in strategic decision-making exercise

Defence technology and training company MASS has successfully supported the final Decision-Making exercise for the National Defence College (NDC) in Oman – the sixth year MASS has supported the NDC.

The exercise is the culmination of the College’s flagship annual eleven-month Strategy Course, attended by senior members of Oman’s armed forces and Government departments.

The course demonstrates how defence strategy is formulated at the national and international levels, and allows participants the opportunity to use their strategic decision-making skills to solve complex defence and security-related problems.

The exercise is set in the real world, in an environment that highlights a wide range of complex regional and global challenges. This provides the opportunity for the participants to practise the knowledge and skills that they have developed during the course.

MASS’s support to the exercise includes the provision of scenario development, preparation of the exercise documentation and enabling the dynamic management of the scenario during the exercise. In addition, MASS provides part of the simulated media that is used to inject and update scenario catalysts as well as require participants to interact with the media through press conferences and TV interviews. MASS provides a media producer/editor and a TV news anchor who generate a series of daily “Global Network News” broadcasts including studio interviews.

Exercise delivery is supported by four MASS subject matter experts, based in Oman for up to thirteen days, and culminates in the participants role-playing an international conference hosted by the Government of Oman at the request of the UN Secretary-General to address an urgent strategic crisis.

MASS Managing Director Chris Stanley commented, “MASS is very proud to once again support the end-of-year strategic decision-making exercise at the Oman National Defence College. Our long-standing relationship demonstrates the value we continue to bring in support of strategic development for military and government personnel in Oman.”

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