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Comtech Telecommunications Corp. receives $1.6 million satellite modem order from European Ministry

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. receives $1.6 million satellite modem order from European Ministry of Defense

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. announced today that during its first quarter of fiscal 2020, its Tempe, Arizona-based subsidiary, Comtech EF Data Corp., which is part of Comtech’s Commercial Solutions segment, received a $1.6 million order for DMD2050E Satellite Modems from a European Ministry of Defense (MOD).

The DMD2050E Satellite Modems will be deployed at the MOD’s teleports in Europe and the Caribbean. The MOD will leverage the technical capabilities of the DMD2050E Satellite Modems to upgrade an existing network, including higher operational data rates, embedded encryption and Information Throughput Adaptation (ITA).

The DMD2050E Satellite Modem is designed to comply with the widest possible range of standards and is compatible with the largest number of satellite modems in the industry. It provides highly advanced and bandwidth efficient forward error correction and a complete range of modulation types. The advanced forward error correction and modulation capabilities are integrated with DoubleTalk® Carrier-in-Carrier® bandwidth compression technology allowing for maximum state-of-the-art performance under all conditions. The DMD2050E also supports Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM), which enables modems on each side of a point-to-point link to use the modulation and coding combination that maximizes throughput, and automatically adapts the optimum operating point as conditions change.

“We have a long-standing relationship and proven track record of product reliability with this European Ministry of Defense,” commented Fred Kornberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. “We are honored to continue the relationship, supplying equipment to support the upgrade of the MOD’s armed forces network.”

Comtech EF Data Corp. is a leading supplier of communications equipment with a focus on satellite bandwidth efficiency and link optimization. The high-performance satellite communications ground equipment is deployed globally to support mission-critical and demanding applications for government, mobile backhaul, premium enterprise and mobility. Service providers, satellite operators, governments and commercial users wanting to optimize communications, increase throughput and delight customers, are leveraging the performance and flexibility of the Comtech brand. The solutions are facilitating fixed and mobile networks in 160+ countries and across every ocean.

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