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Manta® adopted by US Army direct action unit: a fully integrated satcom COTM solution

Manta® adopted by US Army direct action unit: a fully integrated satcom COTM solution

Paradigm and 4K Solutions are proud to announce the adoption of the MANTA ‘Comms-on-the-Move’ satellite solution by multiple United States Army direct action units for deployed mobile operations.

The discreet, low-profile MANTA met the unit’s specific requirements for a fully integrated system due to space restrictions on-board the vehicles. The MANTA’s integrated PIM® technology also provides crucial connectivity situational awareness for the soldiers, allowing full control over satellite selection and operation of the terminal, simplifying satellite operations.

The MANTA is the premier, proven solution for both Comms-on-the-Move (COTM) and Comms-on-the-Pause (COTP) applications, requiring no specific satellite skillset from the user and with the added benefit of no mechanical moving parts, instead using software beam forming and tracking technology. Operational from both DC and AC power sources, users can be transmitting and receiving in minutes.

4K Solutions’ unique skillset enabled the swift integration of the MANTA onto the customer vehicles and into on-board networking equipment, enabling the unit to field the MANTA satellite terminal and provide vital in-theatre communications.

“The MANTA terminals have allowed the Communications Soldiers to free up much needed cargo space in their HMMWV’s and their tactical Polaris side-by-sides. The Communications Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO’s) are extremely pleased with the ease of install, ease of use and data bandwidth”. David Theriault, President of 4K Solutions.

“It’s very exciting to be adopted by a customer operating in truly demanding and challenging environments and it clearly demonstrates the operational simplicity and suitability of this simple to use high performance terminal for the military and government sectors.

4K Solutions has been a very professional partner and a pleasure to work with.” Ulf Sandberg, Managing Director of Paradigm

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