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Comtech Telecommunications announces Heights™ Networking Platform selected by Telefonica for Brazil

Comtech Telecommunications announces Heights™ Networking Platform selected by Telefonica for Brazil and Argentina Mobile Networks

Comtech EF Data Corp., which is part of Comtech’s Commercial Solutions segment, had its Heights™ Networking Platform selected by Telefonica for a multi-year program to upgrade Vivo Brazil and Telefonica Argentina mobile networks in support of 2G, 3G and LTE backhaul. To complement the Heights™ Networking platform, Telefonica also ordered RF amplifiers.

Today, both Brazil and Argentina are experiencing high growth in terms of mobile traffic and subscribers as customers transition from 2G to 3G and LTE to experience mobile Internet. Regulators in both countries realize the value of connecting the unconnected to bridge the digital divide and have established challenging performance requirements for Mobile Network Operators (“MNOs”) to reach new markets with high quality solutions.

Aldo Montalbetti, Network and Operations Director, for Telefonica Media Networks commented, “As the leading service provider to the Telefonica Group, it is important for us to provide the best Quality of Experience and value for our customers. Comtech’s Heights™ Networking Platform enables us to reach customers with voice and high-speed data services while meeting the high Key Performance Indicators required by the Regulators.”

According to Gustavo Arditti, Director of Satellite Business Unit, for Telefonica International Wholesale Services, “The decision to select Comtech EF Data was mainly based on the combination of its H-DNA technology, the security and management tools of the Heights™ Networking Platform, and the proven track record of Comtech EF Data’s products and services.”

Comtech EF Data has supplied its award-winning and bandwidth-efficient satellite modems with optimization features to Mobile Network Operators for over 20 years. A constant drive to innovate and to drive down the total cost of ownership and improve Quality of Experience enables MNOs to profitably offer services in the most diverse and challenging environments. The Heights™ Networking Platform combines years of innovations and includes industry best VersaFEC® Forward Error Correction, Heights™ Dynamic Network Access (“H-DNA”) for real-time bandwidth management and low rolloffs. Mobile Network Operators’ 2G/3G/LTE IP traffic benefits from the industry-leading delay and jitter performance of Heights™, as well as the advanced packet processing that is capable of providing more than 140,000 packets per second, the header and payload compression, and a Quality of Service engine that ensures the highest Quality of Experience for end users. Unlike competing TDMA platforms, the combined effects of bandwidth efficiency, optimization and processing speed allow the Heights™ platform to meet and exceed the Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) set forth by both MNOs and Regulators.

“The successful Telefonica projects demonstrate a great example of the power of our Heights™ Networking Platform and its best-in-class performance enabling superior Quality of Experience for the end user along with the lowest total cost of ownership,” commented Richard Swardh, Senior Vice President, Mobile Network Operators for Comtech EF Data. “Our customers globally are realizing the benefits of the high-performance products that we offer. Our modems simultaneously support 2G, 3G and LTE services with built-in optimization, enabling the highest Quality of Experience and best KPIs for MNOs and end users alike. Unlike the competing TDMA platform that our equipment replaces, Comtech EF Data’s products have no problem fulfilling both the needs of the Regulators and the Mobile Network Operators through industry-leading jitter and latency performance.”

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