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Optus brings appy days for small business

Optus CEO Allen Lew visiting Rockhampton

Optus Chief Executive Allen Lew has unveiled a suite of initiatives designed to support small businesses to improve their operations, growth and profitability by better harnessing the power of Apple devices.

As part of a regional visit to Central Queensland, Mr Lew said Optus would focus on regional and national small businesses, demonstrating how customers can use iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch — devices that are frequently chosen by businesses large and small — to run their businesses more effectively.

Mr Lew said: “More than 2 million small businesses underpin the Australian economy – a third of those are in regional Australia. It is in the national interest to help small businesses adopt and master technology to run the best business possible.”

“Small business operators make their technology choices just like individual consumers, but the reality is that they have very different needs to you or I. Simply buying a device off the shelf, charging it up and switching it on won’t help a small business unlock its full potential.”

“Small business customers need support to start their business, save time, save money, be more productive and collaborate better and Optus is here to help you do this.”

Mr Lew said Optus will roll out 220 small business zones in stores across Australia with each zone to be led by an Apple-trained small business specialist.

“We will help small business operators unlock the full potential of their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and apps so they can easily quote on a job, improve cash flow with simple invoicing, allocate tasks on the go or take immediate payment when work is complete.”

Optus brings appy days for small business

“We believe small businesses need this type of support, so rather than simply selling a device and wishing them the best, we want to make it simple for our customers to get the help they need in store,” Mr Lew said.

Optus will roll out the specialist business zones throughout November 2019.

Small business customers who require additional support with their iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch — or need to get in and out of a store quickly — can access a series of video tutorials that demonstrate how to use free, native small business apps on their Apple devices.

Mr Lew said domestic call centre support for regional small business customers would be available for service and account queries.

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