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Telefónica accelerates Arlanxeo's business transformation with the latest network as a service d

Telefónica accelerates Arlanxeo's business transformation with the latest network as a service deployment and embedded security solutions

Arlanxeo, a world-leading synthetic elastomer company headquartered in Maastricht, the Netherlands, has selected Telefónica for the deployment of a 5 year global contract for the delivery of Network as a Service solutions. The new contract covers 11 countries on 4 continents, and includes the global delivery of SD-WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi, IP-Telephony and embedded Managed Security end-to-end.

The robust service structure within this agreement, globally reinforced with services delivered by Telefónica International Wholesale Services provides Arlanxeo with a future proof communications platform to enable their business to accelerate forward and secure enhanced collaboration and efficiencies across more than 20 production sites all underpinned with a new digital core network (Communications + Cloud + Security).

The agreement includes:

  • A redundant SD-WAN network serving multiple business & production locations worldwide.

  • Comprehensive service level agreements, including redundancy features, monitoring tools and proactive service management.

  • WAN2Cloud and Multi-Cloud management including SAP-HANA, MS Azure and O365.

  • WAN optimisation features for efficient data traffic performance.

  • IP Telephony delivered through an intelligent Hosted Collaboration Service platform.

  • Managed Security Services, covering Cloud based Web Security Gateways, Network Access Control- and Secure DDI-Systems.

  • All governed by an intelligent SIEM solution managed out of Telefónica’s Global Service Operations Center.

All of which places Arlanxeo in full dynamic control of their global network and security.

Communications, cloud based solutions and embedded security are critical pillars for the ongoing success of all enterprise businesses. The new Network as a Service model has been personalized for Arlanxeo reflecting the specific needs of their manufacturing business. As a global leader in technology competence, Arlanxeo is committed to leveraging cutting edge communication platforms across their vast supply chain and manufacturing sites. Thus enabling them to significantly optimise their own production processes in terms of energy and resource consumption, but also quality, whilst maintaining their strong competitive manufacturing infrastructure within their major markets.

“We are very proud and privileged to have been selected by Arlanxeo. This agreement reflects our commitment to supporting our customers in their business transformation and ensuring we deliver world-class network as a service solutions, built around the new digital core” remarked Juan Vicente Martin, Director, Multinational Customers at Telefónica.

“With Telefónica we are delighted to have found a committed partner with extensive digital service experience, who will support us leveraging digital communication solutions throughout our business commented Dr. Hermann Schuster, Chief Digital Officer and Head of IT from Arlanxeo.

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