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Connecting the digital congregation: Promethean introduces new donation video overlays

Connecting the digital congregation: Promethean introduces new donation video overlays

Promethean, a digital solution to dynamically deliver interactive video, has introduced Donation Overlay Templates for easily collecting donations during video streams without disrupting messages. Ideal for Houses of Worship, the new Donation Overlays will connect digital congregations and encourage generosity while streaming LIVE or via VOD content.

Promethean offers an online solution for providing interactive video on web, mobile and OTT platforms. The tool allows users to place contextual and relevant overlays in real time, delivering engaging customer interactions and driving measurable ROI. Users can also create and manage overlays remotely, with scheduled activation programming for VOD and real time publishing for live streams.

Users can set up Donation Templates via a new editor and easily customise their Donation Overlay appearance with unique assets, key messages and edit the layout or appearance with intuitive fields and sliders. These templates can then be assigned to Donation Overlays which are scheduled onto their stream of choice ready for viewer interaction. Without disrupting the message, viewers will be greeted at key moments with a donation widget at the top of the screen that will let them leave a donation amount set in advance, or can be variable and chosen by the user.

The new Donation Overlay is available cross-platform and will adapt its appearance and payment experience based on the viewers device screen size. To receive collected funds, Donations require a merchant STRIPE account to be linked with the users Broadcast Centre account. Users can do this from the app's Commerce section, which also includes a dashboard with live updates. The Commerce Dashboard provides a quick view of revenue earned through donations to date as well as the total transactions.

“Over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of Houses of Worship that embrace new technologies and want to engage with their congregations. Streaming is a huge part of holy days now, as a standard for services around the world. Using our new Donation Video Overlays, they will be able to reach their congregation wherever they are, tapping into the goodwill and generosity of the community at large. We want to ensure the message and the momentum for change are delivered in the most faithful-friendly way possible” concludes Ian Sharpe, CEO at Promethean.