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Telefónica expands service provision to Avianca with new security services

Telefónica expands service provision to Avianca with new security services

Avianca, a leading airline in Latin America and second oldest in the world, reinforces its collaboration with Telefónica Business Solutions, a leading provider of a wide range of integrated communications solutions and digital services in the B2B market, to expand the range of digital services already deployed as a result of an agreement signed between the two companies in June 2018.

Telefónica will deploy new security services across five countries. Leveraging the Akamai Intelligent Platform, the new service will manage automatically generated traffic to allow Avianca to maximize profitability whilst minimising risk. In addition, Telefónica will implement a Customer Reputation solution, which assigns reputational scores to all IP addresses, with respect to possible risks each poses for Avianca, to enhance and optimize security decisions.

Both services when combined improve information security management enabling better analysis and reduction of security incidents thus providing an improved customer experience.

Javier de la Plaza, Director, Multinational Customers at Telefónica, pointed out: "Telefónica has extensive experience in all types of IT solutions and new digital services, an experience that we want to share with Avianca. Not only do we focus on technology and how to advance the digital approach, but we also understand the importance of teamwork to better understand their needs and find the best solution to make them fly".