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Telefónica Business Solutions expands ST Engineering iDirect DVB-S2X service in Latin and Central Am

Telefónica Business Solutions expands ST Engineering iDirect DVB-S2X service in Latin and Central America

ST Engineering iDirect, a company of ST Engineering North America, has announced that Telefónica Business Solutions has purchased its sixth iDirect hub to launch a new DVB-S2X-based service offering. Telefónica plans to sell wholesale satellite capacity to global operators seeking to expand mobile and multiprotocol label switching-based services coverage into remote areas across Latin and Central America. The network will also serve enterprise-class organizations operating throughout the area that require reliable connectivity in every geography.

The new DVB-S2X network will operate on the iDirect Evolution® platform and will be powered by the iQ 200 and iQ Desktop modems, expanding the company’s overall portfolio of satellite services. Through Telefónica’s new DVB-S2X network, enterprise businesses will be able to extend their network, bypassing the high capital expenditure costs and lengthy implementation timelines associated with the buildout of other technologies.

“The purchase of this new hub is a strategic investment as Telefónica looks to transition our broad satellite offerings to DVB-S2X,” said Aldo Montalbetti, Director of Satellite Operations, Telefónica. “The Evolution platform helps us meet an increasing demand for enterprise services with higher throughput in every market and region we service. The increase in efficiency and performance that DVB-S2X offers allows us to continually lower our operating costs while increasing the reach and reliability of our satellite services.”

“Satellite connectivity is an integral part of the overall service portfolio of today’s leading telcos and network operators,” said Darren Ludington, Regional Vice President, Americas, ST Engineering iDirect. “Our platform has already enabled Telefónica to offer services across many segments. Through this additional investment, Telefónica can realize the benefits offered by DVB-S2X to expand its geographical reach and strengthen its service offerings to customers.”