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Andrés Sendagorta, new President of the SENER Group and new CEO Jorge Sendagorta Cudós

Andrés Sendagorta, new President of the SENER Group

Andrés Sendagorta, hitherto Vicepresident of SENER, is the Group's new President, taking over from Jorge Sendagorta, who will continue to be linked to the SENER Group as its Honorary President.

Andrés Sendagorta holds a diploma in General Management from the Institute for Higher Business Studies IESE (Universidad de Navarra, Spain). He is a member of the Steering Committee of Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (the Institute for Stock Market Studies), and the President of the Basque Family Business Association AEFAME. Lieutenant Commander and Harrier jet pilot on board aircraft carriers (U.S. Navy and Spanish Navy). In 2009, he was awarded the Grand Cross of Naval Merit with white decoration by King Juan Carlos I. Andrés Sendagorta's professional relationship with SENER was forged, first, as a Director (at the Board of Directors) and ten years later, since 2000, as Vicepresident of the Group. In 2018, he was appointed President of the SENER Foundation.

For Andrés Sendagorta, “After 20 years as a Director of SENER, it is an honor to be able to lead this team of magnificent professionals through the new challenges that lie ahead, and I would like to thank my predecessor for the support I have always enjoyed as Vicepresident and which I know I will continue to have now that Jorge Sendagorta remains at SENER as Honorary President."

Jorge Sendagorta underlined that, “All my life I have been linked to SENER and that will not cease to be the case, but now it is time to do it from another setting and to do so after having prepared the groundwork for succession in an orderly manner, and as established by our family protocol in recent years. I am deeply satisfied with the transition carried out; SENER is in the best possible hands, and from my new position I will have the opportunity to witness the writing of the new pages in SENER's history, which begins now.”

Jorge Sendagorta Cudós has been named as SENER Group's new CEO

New CEO In addition to the appointment of the President, Jorge Sendagorta Cudós has been named as the new CEO, succeeding Jorge Unda.

Since 2018, Jorge Sendagorta Cudós has been the Managing Director of SENER Engineering. Trained as an Industrial Engineer at the ICAI Higher Technical School of Engineering, specializing in Mechanical Engineering, he completed a Master's Degree in the same specialty at the University of Berkeley, California. He also holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the IESE.

After spending time with FCC and General Electric, he began his career at SENER in 2012 as Project Manager in the Energy area. In 2015, he was appointed Country Manager of SENER in Mexico, the main office of the SENER Group outside Spain with over 350 professionals.

For Jorge Sendagorta Cudós, “It has been a privilege to work with Jorge Unda and learn from him. Now is the time to continue working together, with the new President of SENER, Andrés Sendagorta, and our people, to develop the SENER of tomorrow."

Jorge Unda states that “SENER has been my home for a significant part of my life. A new phase is underway, with new leaders who will have to address the challenges facing them in the 21st century and which will make SENER a better group.”

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