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STEP Electronics chosen as select partner with Kymeta in beta trial program for revolutionary mobile

STEP Electronics chosen as select partner with Kymeta in beta trial program for revolutionary mobile connectivity solution

STEP Electronics has been chosen as a select global partner by Kymeta in the beta trial program for their next generation Kymeta™ u8 flat panel antenna across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific allowing our customers the opportunity to explore and test the features of this remarkable communications on the move solution that combines satellite and cellular network technologies. The Kymeta u8 is the second generation electronically steered flat panel antenna, which has been redesigned for usability and improved performance. The u8 offers a low-profile form factor with native DC power input for easy integration into mobile platforms, and it supports global land mobility, covering the full Ku-band with improved efficiency. The u8 antenna platform provides options for configurations to meet any industry’s communication needs. The u8 GEO terminal offers integrated satellite and cellular modems for a multi-WAN configuration for a unique seamless hybrid satellite/cellular connectivity, while the u8 Outdoor Unit (ODU) allows Av-Comm to design a comms-on-the-move connectivity solution that fits directly into your existing satellite networks. During prototype field trials, the Kymeta u8 GEO terminal achieved 100% connectivity in vehicles on the move, with either satellite or cellular connection, further validating the offered hybrid solution for continuous and seamless connectivity. “We are particularly pleased to be able to offer a mobile connectivity solution to meet the needs within emergency services, Defence, and mining oil and gas. Having the u8 antenna installed on the outside of any vehicle and the ability to receive signal from anywhere, really is revolutionary technology for mission critical connectivity services. We are excited to see such great results in the initial trials and look forward further developing our technical understanding and demonstrating this flexible technology to our customers across Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific,” said Michael Cratt, Managing Director STEP Electronics “As the manager of the Kymeta u8 Beta program, I am excited to have STEP Electronics as a Beta partner to test the u8 ODU in the varied and demanding environments of Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific. STEP Electronics’ expertise with satellite communications customers in numerous industries allows for evaluation of the u8 in the locations and under the conditions most relevant to users – their own,” said Dr. Mikala Johnson, Product Manager Kymeta corporation. Commercial availability of the Kymeta u8 mobile antenna platform is scheduled for Q4 2020; however, the beta testing unit arrived this week and is available now.

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