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7Technologies launches next generation sensor fusion technology

In line with the UK Government’s Integrated Review, UK Defence manufacturer 7Technologies has launched its new ground-breaking i7 Technology to the UK, US and select NATO markets.

I7 Technology sits at the heart of potentially hundreds of system sensors to provide relevant, real-time information to the right person at the right time. The technology can be deployed across almost limitless platforms and across bandwidth contested environments.

Taking Science and Technology as a relevant focus from the Review (announced on March 16), the company is confident that its next generation i7 sensor-fusion technology is a first of its kind in this niche, technical surveillance market, using instantaneous front-end analysis and reporting which allows decision-makers to make quicker, often life-critical, decisions.

Adrian Timberlake, chief technical officer for 7Technologies, who has been instrumental in delivering the technology to meet the needs of customer and the end-user, said: “i7 Technology is fully interoperable and supplier hardware agnostic, with scalable human-machine teaming.

“Its collection, analysis and fusion of multiple sources of data, provides real-time accurate and relevant information as it is needed: The right information, to the right person at the right time.”

I7 Technology sits as the umbrella for 7Technologies’ next generation product portfolio where analytics will be applied in different iterations to answer customer and end-user demands.

The technology sees a raft of benefits not previously seen combined in a single product, significantly reducing the cognitive load, and helping to minimise mission and asset risk, to act as a force multiplier.

Following last year’s rebrand and the joining of CEO Gavin Newport, this spring’s launch of i7 Technology firmly places 7Technologies as key players in a fast-moving sector which demands nothing less than absolute quality and credibility when it comes to manufacturing products built for the end user.

CEO, Gavin Newport, added: "We are extremely proud to support the UK Government’s focus on Science and Technology, by building unprecedented capabilities into a new generation of technical surveillance solutions, and take pride in anticipating customer needs to provide the right solution."


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