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A First in the World: Türk Telekom’s Innovative Initiative in 5G

Türk Telekom has become the first operator in the world to use specialized GPS/GNSS independent technology that provides the critical time and frequency synchronization solution in its network for 5G. The technology has been developed by Türk Telekom engineers together with Net Insight, one of the world's leading technology solutions companies. This technology is expected to significantly reduce synchronization investment costs and increase service continuity in 5G.

Türk Telekom CTO Yusuf Kıraç (left) with Net Insight CEO Crister Fritzson

Türk Telekom, the pioneer of digital transformation in Türkiye, continues its efforts to shape the future with 5G and new generation technologies. Türk Telekom became the first operator in the world to implement the "Time Synchronization Transmission Solution", implemented in cooperation with Net Insight, one of the world's leading technology companies, on its network. This solution, which is the patented technology developed by Türk Telekom and Net Insight, will provide strategic superiority in network technologies.

Minimum end-to-end deviation throughout Türkiye

The testing process of the GPS/GNSS-independent stable synchronization service for 5G, which is needed by all mobile operators in the world and therefore developed by Türk Telekom and Net Insight, has been successfully completed. Türk Telekom, which has made installations at 20 locations in Türkiye, will have a central synchronization network with high time accuracy, and will be able to offer synchronization service to 5G base stations.

While the highest time deviation value for 5G is 1500 nanoseconds, this value was measured 5-45 nanoseconds in two different regions of Türkiye, according to the first data obtained from Türk Telekom live network. Thus, these values revealed that sensitive time and synchronization information can be carried from Edirne to Hakkari, throughout Türkiye, with minimum deviation, regardless of network equipment.

“A solution to increase efficiency and save resources”

Türk Telekom Chief Technology Officer Yusuf Kıraç said: “We became the first operator to implement the next generation synchronization solution, developed together with Net Insight leveraging patents of Turkish engineers, which is critical for 5G and beyond technologies, on the live network. We see significant potential in the global market for this innovative solution that will reduce costs and increase service continuity for mobile operators and all industries with critical time synchronization requirements.

We can meet all these needs with this solution, which has a time deviation far below 1500 nano-second required for the synchronization need of 5G. We are proud to develop new satellite independent solutions for operators and standardization organizations in the world. Within the scope of this project, we attach importance to the presence of Turkish engineers in the development team and aim to seize the opportunity for domestic production by expanding the scope of cooperation. We aim to represent our country in the best way and also in the international arena by showing the great success of our engineers to the whole world again.”

Expressing that they have signed a long and beneficial cooperation with Türk Telekom in developing technologies to be adapted to mobile operator networks, Net Insight CEO Crister Fritzson said the following: “I would like to state that Net Insight and Türk Telekom have strong and unique competence and experience in the field of 5G networks and time synchronization. We believe that this solution, which is operated on the Türk Telekom network for the first time in the world, will break new ground in 5G and have a high and significant market potential on a global scale.”

An important step for 5G and beyond Technologies

The new generation time synchronization solution, which is not depending on GPS/GNSS satellites, offers unique advantages for transmitting phase and time synchronization over the network without the need to replace or update existing network equipment. With this technology, a fundamental solution to GPS/GNSS satellites’ signal interruptions and service losses, which is one of the biggest needs of operators which have switched to 5G, will be provided.

At the same time, the synchronization needs of 6G technologies, which are planned to start global standardization studies in 2025, will be met with the same solution. This patented technology developed by Türk Telekom and Net Insight in the field of 5G time and frequency synchronization will be producted and marketed all over the world, including Türkiye, and will provide solution for sectors such as telecommunication, energy, and finance.


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