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Actility now gathers IoT data from Kinéis space connectivity and LPWAN networks

Kinéis, space IoT connectivity provider, and Actility, world leader in Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN) industrial-grade connectivity solutions, partnered up in order to make life easier for their users by merging IoT data in a single platform, wherever it comes from Space or Earth. Customers can now receive IoT data seamlessy aggregated from Kinéis or any LoRaWAN® operator through ThingPark – Actility’s IoT platform.

Keneis earth illustration

From today, Kinéis operates 8 in-orbit satellites and offers low data rate, low consumption, direct to satellite, two-way connectivity to 20.000 active terminals. The small Kinéis’ chipset and the low consumption technology allow to make miniaturized devices with very long lasting autonomy. Thousands of devices currently provide data to the international scientists community through the Argos services provided by CLS, helping them to better understand the planet: ocean parameters, climate and wildlife study, even some birds have been tracked for years across continents by a few grams device.

Kinéis aims to open these historical applications to current IoT use cases, using LoRaWAN connectivity and the possibility of going “hybrid”, offered by Actility. LoRaWAN® is a wireless protocol that allows battery-operated devices to communicate with IoT applications via long-range, wireless connections. LoRaWAN eliminates wiring, is easy to deploy and does not need any licenses. It reduces the energy consumption of connected objects while giving them years of autonomy by exchanging small data at low speed.

Data collected from assets using both Kinéis and LoRa connectivities are delivered on the same format to business applications and cloud connectors. In logistics, transports, agriculture or energy management applications, it allows to choose the best connectivity option depending on the use case to transmit data, seamlessly on the visualization and management tool. Therefore, Kinéis and LoRaWAN connectivity solutions are complementary.

Particulary, Actility is providing its capability to interconnect any LPWAN technology to LoRaWAN infrastructure with the help of ThingPark RAN Connector (TRC). Kinéis and Actility’s networks are interconnected through ThingPark Exchange, the first global LoRaWAN® peering hub in the industry, going through accelerated growth and already connecting 20 LoRaWAN® networks worldwide.

This partnership provides a ready-to-use platform to manage hybrid connectivity, and all the required integration to application platforms. The data can then flow into many of the major cloud IoT platforms connected to Actility’s ThingPark – Microsoft Azure, AWS IoT Core, IBM Watson, Google CloudIoT, and PTC Thingworx.

By getting integrated with the ThingPark Exhange ecosystem, Kinéis makes the satellite network coverage available to any terrestrial LoRaWAN network provider, public or private.