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  • Satellite Evolution

Aitech’s cost-effective space electronics are pushing innovation further

Based on cost-effective COTS components, the Space Digital Backbone (DBB) has paved the way for unprecedented space innovations, including the launch of a commercial space market, the development of a lunar gateway for long-term deep space exploration and redundant small satellite constellation networks.

In this video interview, Pratish and Chitra discuss the next generation of electronics in NEO, LEO, lunar missions, deep space and beyond, including:

  • Why COTS components make sense for space environments

  • How a new Series 300 level of qualification is enabling cost-effective space solutions

  • Initiatives happening throughout lower orbits as well as in deep space missions

By providing a unified, scalable communications infrastructure, the Space DBB is fueling the growth in space electronics that span the universe by removing the connectivity and computing limitations as well as the associated performance bottlenecks in space-grade, radiation-tolerant electronics.

Aitech’s COTS-based Space Digital Backbone (DBB) harnesses the power of scalable, connected, open standards-based computing to enable solutions rugged enough for the deepest space missions and small enough for compact systems being deployed throughout LEO and NEO orbits, and across any orbit in between.


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