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Arabsat signs a strategic partnership with Kinéis to launch LEO lOT services

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Arabsat and Kineis have signed a joint cooperation agreement during LEAP 2023, which is an annual global platform and unique event held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for futuristic and disruptive technologies bringing together top professionals from around the world.

2001 nanosat2 Kinéis ©HEMERIA

Eng. Alhamedi Al-Anezi, President &, CEO of Arabsat, said that this agreement gives Arabsat the grounds to discuss distribution rights as the regional distributor in the Middle East and North Africa of Kineis’ Satellite IoT services.

Mr. Al-Anezi assured that the strategic cooperation between Arabsat and Kineis will include further agreements in near future related to terrestrial networks and space infrastructure targeting several countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria and Mauritania, in addition to other MENA countries where Arabsat has operational capabilities.

Mr. Alexandre Tisserant, CEO of KINEIS, said that KINEIS will become the sole provider for connecting the innovative Nano satellite IoT to Arabsat in the Middle East and Africa. He pointed out that providing satellite data information to become accessible to everyone will facilitate and multiply its uses for experts and individuals alike.


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