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Arqiva delivers new cloud-based VoD solution for A+E networks EMEA

Arqiva, the leading UK communications infrastructure and media services provider, has today announced the renewal of its contract with A+E Networks EMEA for a further two years. This renewal includes the delivery of video on demand (VoD) services to around 35 European head end affiliate platforms.

The contract extension will see Arqiva implement a completely cloud-based solution that will allow A+E Networks to bring audiences an expanded library of on-demand content until at least 2023. Over the past three years Arqiva has delivered a hybrid solution, however as Arqiva has continually enhanced its cloud capabilities, it will now simultaneously work with A+E Networks to shift all existing archived content to an entirely virtual environment.

Arqiva’s productized offering is tailored by the creation of custom workflows suitable for A+E’s destination platform specific requirements. Featuring an end-to-end cloud-contained journey, the solution takes content from the archive, then processes, packages and delivers it to platforms such as Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Sky Italia, MediaSet and M7 Group for on-demand viewing. Processing VoD requests in the cloud drives significant cost-savings, and also enables Arqiva to process and deliver more assets, at the same time and at a far quicker pace.

To simplify the process for A+E and bring consistency, Arqiva has also worked hard to drive standardisation procedures, by developing a ‘house format’ which can be produced once and then distributed across multiple affiliate platforms.

Chris Alner, Commercial Director - Commercial Broadcast & Radio at Arqiva, said: “This deal represents an important milestone for Arqiva, as A+E Networks will become one of our first customers to leverage an entirely cloud-based solution. We’ve gained extensive expertise around cloud infrastructure since beginning our journey with A+E Networks three years ago, and we’re pleased that we’ve been chosen against strong competition to continue delivering on its goal to achieve an entirely cloud-based platform.”

Matt Westrup, SVP Technology & Operations, at A+E Networks EMEA, said: “We are delighted to continue this partnership with Arqiva. Our VOD fulfilment has grown with breath-taking speed and it has been a competitive advantage to be able to meet these complex demands with an efficient, reliable and scalable VOD solution from Arqiva. Their teams treat our customers and content as if it were their own.”


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