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ASTi awarded contract to deliver AI training capabilities to the Naval Aviation Training Command

ASTi awarded contract to deliver AI training capabilities to the Naval Aviation Training Command
Photo by Antonio More, Chief of Naval Air Training Milton, FL, June 21, 2016, Two T-6B Texan II aircraft fly in formation

Advanced Simulation Technology received an enterprise-level subcontract award from prime government contractor, TakeFlight Interactive. The contract is the first in a series of phased rollouts of ASTi's Simulated Environment for Realistic ATC (SERA) and TakeFlight's AIVIator AI Virtual Flight Instructor products across the US Navy's Chief of Naval Aviation Training (CNATRA) training wings.

As partners, ASTi and TakeFlight Interactive will field integrated, AI-based training capabilities increasing the quality and consistency of student performance and training production. More importantly, these capabilities will reduce the cost of aviation training for the Navy, Marine Corps and foreign military services.

Under the contract, ASTi and TakeFlight will provide product licenses and related services supporting 50 T-6B flight training devices at the Navy's Training Air Wing Four, located at the Naval Air Station (NAS) in Corpus Christi, TX. ASTi will also develop custom, synthetic environment configurations to meet Navy requirements for simulated flight operations at eight airfields and practice areas located at Training Air Wing Four and Training Air Wing Five.

Combined, SERA and AIVIator greatly reduce training staff workload by offloading role-player and instructor duties to AI agents, providing an automated, repeatable and objectively scored interactive training domain available for 24/7, student-led training.

SERA creates an interactive environment populated with ATC services and air traffic—complete with simulated radio communications—and it replicates malfunctions, mishaps and weather conditions to enhance immersion and cognitive loading for better situational awareness training. An AI virtual instructor provides self-guided, fully interactive training with objective scoring and dynamic feedback supporting cockpit procedures, performance maneuvers, landing procedures, local operations, emergency procedures, aerobatics, instrument procedures and formation flight.

ASTi's enterprise solution is based on an all-inclusive subscription model that provides predictable costs and risk reduction. In addition to product licensing, the enterprise solution includes a comprehensive service package that includes the following:

  • Ongoing development of content for Naval undergraduate curriculum modules

  • Onsite fielding, training and help-desk services

  • Product and Information Assurance (IA) software maintenance

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