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Astrocast partners with ArrowSpot and integrates SatIoT into supply chain solutions

Astrocast, a leading global nanosatellite IoT network operator, has announces a partnership with ArrowSpot. Astrocast is integrating its Satellite IoT (SatIoT) technology into ArrowSpot’s ArrowTrack SAT device and its ArroWatch application. This advanced hybrid communication tracking solution combines cellular and satellite communication network access. It enables ArrowSpot’s customers to benefit from full visibility of their supply chains and fleets, allowing for the effective management of assets globally.

Fabien Jordan, CEO, Astrocast

ArrowSpot’s technology solutions typically enable supply chain managers to take a proactive and cost-effective approach to cargo and fleet management. It has developed track and trace solutions that make it possible for organisations to monitor moving assets anywhere and anytime along their journey. Clients that are benefitting from working with ArrowSpot include ZIM Shipping Line and Oceanex Inc. intermodal transportation services.

24/7 supply chain monitoring solutions require global connectivity (SatIoT)

A resilient supply chain requires 24/7 monitoring. For many years, ArrowSpot has looked for an effective IoT solution that enables it to track moving assets across the globe. With connectivity via terrestrial networks covering 15% of the planet, ArrowSpot and Astrocast joined forces to solve the problem of tracking assets across the remaining 85% of the world using Satellite IoT.

The Astrocast and ArrowSpot R&D teams collaborated to integrate Astrocast’s technology into ArrowSpot’s new ArrowTrack SAT, the first device that combines cellular and satellite communication. This hybrid communication solution provides customers global coverage, enabling the effective management of containers moving around the world.

A strong use case that demonstrates the value of this solution can be found in the pharmaceutical sector. Maintaining security and temperature control is essential when safeguarding valuable cargo across the pharmaceutical supply chain. When handling this sort of cargo, it is vital to respond quickly to any unexpected events that might occur. For example, if a reefer loses power or cargo appears to be in the wrong location, this problem needs to be flagged and addressed swiftly.

Solving this kind of incident fast requires that organisations have the right kind of services and technology in place to track and respond to such events. Ideally, this information should also be shared with customers rapidly, so that appropriate management decisions can be made about any cargo in transit. The benefit of providing this kind of transparency across the supply chain is that it can radically reduce any potential impact on cargo. Achieving this true visibility across all areas of the world has previously not been possible without Satellite IoT.

Demonstrable results

Within supply chains, ArroWatch has become a proven key tool for shipping lines and cargo owners to reduce wastage and improve supply chain resilience. Since its launch, ArroWatch has monitored over 30,000 trips. The ArrowSpot 24/7 control centre has tracked over 1 million cargo days over that time – valued in excess of US$10 billion. Around 6% of trips require some kind of intervention to safeguard cargo – and, as a result, the service has saved over US$500 million in cargo that would otherwise have been wasted. Of about half of that cargo – over US$250 million, was vital pharmaceutical products, with food cargo making up over US$150 million. The addition of Satellite IoT enables ArrowSpot to maintain a seamless service for its customers and enables everyone to achieve a better return on investment.

Ran Grinshtain, ArrowSpot co-founder and CEO, says: “The need for 24/7 asset tracking within global supply chains is vital today, especially within the cold chain. But up until now, truly cost-effective global connectivity has not been available. In our search for a provider, we tested several SatIoT solutions, and selected Astrocast in the end for several reasons. From its bidirectional communication to low energy consumption, optimised data protocols, to chipsets, as well as ease of integration, working with Astrocast has transformed the speed of development – from prototype to reliable production device in less than 12 months. What is more, our organisations are both highly customer-centric; our technical and product development teams worked well and effectively together to integrate Satellite IoT into our solution; and culturally our values and way of working together are aligned.”

Ran Grinshtain adds, “Working with Astrocast has therefore been an excellent experience. We’re pleased to partner with such a professional organisation, that is capable of finding creative and smart solutions to complex technological problems. We look forward to jointly exploring additional solutions and use cases of SatIoT for our clients.”

Commenting on the partnership, Fabien Jordan, CEO of Astrocast, says, “Satellite IoT is providing increasing benefits for organisations globally and across various industries and use cases. We partnered with ArrowSpot as we share their ambition to address complex use cases and to develop sophisticated Satellite IoT-based solutions. We have been impressed with ArrowSpot’s experience in designing complex products that have to work in harsh environments, as well as in developing services specifically designed for the container business. Our teams are eager to work together and develop unique value propositions for customers. This is all made possible thanks to our fully integrated and complementary technologies, and a strong culture of collaboration.”

Fabien Jordan concludes, “Due to this partnership, freight forwarders and cargo owners now have the ability to track assets within containers around the world for the first time. This provides true supply chain visibility that can help if and when a crisis occurs in locations that were out of reach until now without Satellite IoT technology. When an emergency takes place in the middle of the ocean, with the right asset tracking technology in place, a single fast intervention can enable organisations to avoid any crisis. Which may cover its entire investment in Satellite IoT and save the cargo and its delivery.”