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Aurora Propulsion Technologies and Aliena Pte Ltd enter into collaboration

Aurora Propulsion Technologies and Aliena enter into collaboration for the development of technology for in-space propulsion. The companies also agree to promote industrial and commercial collaboration with an aim of enabling small space craft manufacturers an easy and comprehensive access to the most demanding components in space technology.

Together the companies will develop technology that provides orbit keeping and accurate attitude control for the most demanding space missions, in orbit and in deep sapce. The companies will collaborate on development of develop a global supply and delivery channels utilizing their local and regional expertise.

Aurora offers a unique portfolio of small sat propulsion devices, including Resistojet thrusters, plasma brakes and the upcoming E-sail for deep space missions. Auroras Resistojets offer a compelling thrust to power ratio, with up to 5mN of thrust, excellent control and quick response times. This makes the thrusters optimal for spacecraft attitude control, collision avoidance manoeuvres and for example docking operations in space. The Plasma Brakes enable deorbiting satellites at the end of their useful lifetime ensuring future generations a clean space. In addition to the products Aurora also offers manufacturing services of space grade high precision mechanical components as well as services in space craft and mission design from its home base in Finland.

“We at Aurora Propulsion Technologies are excited to work together with the Aliena Pte Ltd team to push forward the technologies for space travel. Our work together will create a new level of capability to micro- and nanosatellite missions enabling these classes of satellites perform missions previously possible only to larger spacecraft.” Says Roope Takala CEO of Aurora propulsion technologies.

Aliena is a Singapore based company that focuses on the design and development of advanced ultra-low power Hall thrusters for micro and nanosatellite platforms. Their product line includes two classes of thrusters including the GEO (nanosatellite-class) and MUSIC (microsatellite-class) thrusters. Aliena’s novel thruster technology allows for instant ignition and features modular designs for rapid platform integration. Their Hall thrusters provide a precise and steady thrust that is optimal for emerging missions such as constellation formation and maintenance, as well as other complex operations in space.

With regards to the recently inked MOU, Dr Lim Jian Wei Mark – CEO of Aliena Pte Ltd expressed his enthusiasm for both companies in coming together to work collaboratively on this joint endeavour “Aliena takes great pride in being able to work closely with our partners from Aurora Propulsion Technologies to continue to provide access to space and enhance capabilities for new and emerging operations in space executed by small spacecraft. Both companies have flight-ready hardware that is deployed in space this year – a clear indication of the readiness and maturity of the individual systems that can now leverage on each other’s merits under various mission requirements to further augment the delivery of targeted outcomes in space”


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