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AXESS Networks selects SpaceBridge to enable high-speed broadband connectivity in Galápagos, Ecuador

SpaceBridge Inc., a broadband satellite communications systems technology engineering leader, today announced that AXESS Networks, a global leading provider of encompassing connectivity solutions via satellite, selected SpaceBridge technology to provide a high-speed broadband trunk for community Internet access distribution in Santa Cruz Island in Galápagos, Ecuador.

The SpaceBridge SBM-90X extreme broadband high-speed modem was chosen for this mission as it provides unparalleled performance of Single Channel per Carrier (SCPC), for the implementation of a dedicated bandwidth. SpaceBridge provided its infrastructure to build a PTP SCPC link with the SBM-90X. This solution offers affordable traffic licenses and the highest spectral efficiency: DVB-S2X, 5% Roll-off, and 256APSK. Additionally, the link can grow up to 1.4Gbps of aggregated throughput.

“This implementation was a great challenge but also a great satisfaction. Being able to provide this service with stability, with a new design of the access mode and with wide operating margins, required all our experience and knowledge. From AXESS we hope that this new node will allow us to continue growing and helping to connect in the Galapagos Islands.” said German Perez, Product and Solution Design Director of AXESS Americas.

“We are pleased that Axess has selected the SpaceBridge High Throughput SCPC modems for implementation of highly visible and important communication between the Galapagos Islands and the rest of the world”, said David Gelerman, President and CEO of SpaceBridge. He continued: “The challenging implementation of the link required the utilization of the full transponders’ bandwidth with limited available power. Our SBM-90X modems were able to meet the availability challenge, providing the high throughput at the cost-effective price.”

This project will provide a better internet service and connectivity to the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit the islands every year, and reduce the digital gap for its population.


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