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Azercosmos partners with Chinese Satelliteherd on satellite ground station

Azerbaijan Satellite Operator Azercosmos announced today it is partnering with Satelliteherd, a high-tech company and one of the leaders of the commercial space industry in China.

Under the long-term agreement, Satelliteherd has installed a 4.2 metre antenna at Azercosmos’ Ground Station (AGS), located in the Absheron peninsula.

This antenna will enable Satelliteherd in monitoring satellite health,as well as processing data transmitted, and controlling telemetry between satellites and satellite networks operating in space.

With extensive experience in space engineering, Satelliteherd will provide a number of reliable and modern TT&C (Telemetry, Tracking and Command) services for receiving accurate signals from satellites thanks to the antenna installed in Azercosmos’ Ground Station.

"In spite of the great geographical distance between China and Azerbaijan, this is a major achievement and I strongly believe that Satelliteherd’s open strategy will provide Azercosmos with the ability to look to the entire satellite market for further innovation and solutions," said Mark Guthrie, Chief Commercial Officer at Azercosmos.

"The unique and precise position of Azercosmos' Ground Satellite Station will allow us to provide high performance services that will increase our service for commercial satellites capability in this year and beyond," added Licheng Yang, Vice President of International Business at Satelliteherd.


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