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BlackSky wins Initial task order exceeding $1 million against new multi-year contract

BlackSky Technology won a multi-year contract from PT Len exceeding $1 million supporting the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia to provide immediate access to subscription-based real-time, high-frequency imagery and analytics services.

“Meeting the growing global demand for real-time monitoring solutions, BlackSky has the unique ability to activate instant access to high-cadence imagery and AI-driven analytics for our customers,” said Brian E. O’Toole, BlackSky CEO. “The Indonesian MoD has made a bold and innovative step towards defense modernization as an early adopter of space-based intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance on-demand.”

The Assured access program gives customers guaranteed capacity within a predefined area of interest. Within this area of interest, an Assured customer’s tasking requests are given the highest priority and cannot be preempted by other customers.

The Assured program is commercially available and powered by the BlackSky Spectra® tasking and analytics platform. Assured customers receive high-resolution imagery and automated detection analytics seamlessly and securely in less than 90 minutes within their current workflow environment.

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