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Bright Ascension and Craft Prospect announce strategic partnership

Peter Mendham, CEO at Bright Ascension, and Steve Greenland, Managing Director at Craft Prospect, Announce Partnership Agreement at Space Tech Expo Europe 2022

Bright Ascension Ltd and Craft Prospect Ltd have announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining Bright Ascension’s innovative modular and model-based software development technology and Craft Prospect’s expertise in machine learning and automation technology. The agreement comes within the framework of Bright Ascension’s recently launched Partner Programme, a key strategic initiative to support its on-going product expansion phase.

With the New Space sector and satellite technology developing at an unprecedented pace, the two companies recognise the importance and increasingly critical role of collaboration to widen industry access to their products and technology and add value to their respective propositions. The Bright Ascension-Craft Prospect partnership brings together deep expertise in revolutionising the autonomy of mission operations offered by Craft Prospect and the unrivalled speed and efficiency of space software development in-built into Bright Ascension’s products.

A highly knowledgeable software specialist and an expert in autonomous systems, Craft Prospect typically relies on engaging with onboard software developers on a mission per mission basis for bespoke integration of its modules. Through collaboration with Bright Ascension it will be able to offer mission development services and space software packages with integrated automation capability. This partnership will allow the company to develop its missions significantly faster, easier, with reduced risk and at lower cost, whilst gaining access to a noticeably larger market.

The Bright Ascension’s Partner Programme is designed to offer collaboration for commercial companies in the space sector across the globe to generate additional revenue streams. It targets both software and hardware technology providers and offers a wide range of routes to create new business opportunities, such as the re-sale of software licences, turnkey mission software solutions PRESS RELEASE 16/11/2022 2 of 4 to complement existing services or fully integrated flight-payload packages for highly specialised technology providers.

“This is a really exciting moment for us as we sign our first partnership agreement,” said Peter Mendham, CEO at Bright Ascension. “The collaboration we have developed with Craft Prospect is a powerful combination and only one example of the myriad of potential opportunities that our Partner Programme unlocks for space tech specialists. We’re getting closer to unveiling our new suite of products for the entire mission both upstream and downstream and we expect to develop partnerships at different points of mission development process and its life stages.”

“Craft Prospect is thrilled to announce this partnership.” said Steve Greenland, Managing Director at Craft Prospect. “We have been both a user and contributor of the Bright Ascension’s software technology, configuring the core modules with our own IP blocks to enable next generation autonomy and onboard intelligence capabilities. We look forward to working more closely in developing and deploying new components within Bright Ascension’s framework, and supporting clients to maximise the return from their missions and services.”


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