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Bright Ascension strengthens leadership team with appointment of two new C-Suite Executives

Bright Ascension is pleased to announce the appointment of Patricia Druken as its new Chief Operating  Officer (COO) and Laura Calder as the new Chief Finance Officer (CFO) in an effort to create a stronger commercially-focussed team ahead of the launch of its eagerly-awaited end-to-end HELIX suite of software  products. The newly formed leadership team will focus on maximizing business growth opportunities and  strengthening Bright Ascension’s position on global markets. 

Richard Adams, Sales Director; Patricia Druken, COO; Anna White, Product Manager; and Laura Calder, CFO.

Patricia Druken is an accomplished executive with over 20 years of experience in technology leadership and  operation. A former COO at Bell Procurement Management in Singapore, she spent the last 3 years transforming the company’s global structure, operating model, and technology. With 90% of the company  previously in her reporting line, Patricia brings extensive people management experience to Bright Ascension’s  operations. 

Patricia will focus on providing management, leadership and vision to the newly formed commercial team to  ensure the company meets its objectives in securing the market and revenue for its HELIX products. Amongst  others, Patricia will be assisted by Richard Adams, formerly of Mix Telematics, who joins the company as the new Sales Director, and Anna White, a former Senior Product Owner at People’s Postcode Lottery, who is  tasked with bridging the gap between engineering and commercial teams as Bright Ascension’s new Product  Manager. 

“Patricia’s profound experience and expertise in implementing various management control structures for  operations and expanding the company’s global footprint will be crucial in securing the future for HELIX and  bringing our new products to the market,” said Peter Mendham, CEO at Bright Ascension. “As the bulk of  engineering and development effort is nearing the release and the first HELIX products are preparing to enter  their commercial life, we are putting more focus on building a stronger customer journey to help scale our sales  and revenue generation processes.”  

“Bright Ascension is on a phenomenal trajectory”, said Patricia Druken, newly appointed COO. “I am thrilled to  join the company at such a pivotal moment to ensure HELIX brings exceptional results and accelerates  growth”. 

Laura Calder is promoted to CFO, having served one and a half years at Bright Ascension as a Finance  Manager. During this time, she was instrumental in transforming the company’s finance and accounting  function to significantly improve transparency and accountability. Laura will lead the company’s finance  organisation, developing new strategies and helping Bright Ascension achieve its financial goals during the  next phase of its development.


“As we prepare to re-shape the space software market with HELIX products, we are excited to see  organisational changes that set us up for the future”, said Louise Stevenson, Head of People at Bright  Ascension. “As a flexible, employee-owned and employee-centred software technology company, we are also  particularly pleased to be able to crack the gender diversity code and attain gender equality in our leadership  team. We feel the gender gap is still significant in the technology sector and we are proud to be able to help fight the bias”.  

HELIX an innovative end-to-end suite of highly integrated space software products, that will cover the entire  mission development and management process from design, engineering, testing, operations and data or service delivery. It aims to make commercial space software significantly more accessible and easier to use for a large number of companies both in the upstream or downstream sectors of the market. 

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