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Cirium’s new aviation analytics tools will accelerate digital transformation and sustainability

Cirium has committed to supporting the aviation industry to accelerate its digital transformation and sustainability goals, with the introduction of a new product suite.

The new capabilities that Cirium now offers, include accurate CO₂ emissions forecasting for flights, situational awareness of aircraft, in-depth advance booking analysis, and analytics tools that help assess the value and carbon footprint of an aircraft fleet.

To support this commitment, Cirium has increased its R&D team by 600% to 70 people and will release six new products over the coming months which give access to Cirium’s proprietary mix of data and analytics.

Airlines will be able to run more in-depth operational analyses for strategic decision-making and mitigate upcoming flight disruption and airports analyse global booking and demand data to optimize marketing campaigns and spend.

Booking tool providers will be able to provide accurate CO₂ emissions insights in pre-travel information and aircraft lessors and banks will be able to benchmark aircraft CO₂ emissions to inform sustainability targets.

Jeremy Bowen, Cirium CEO, said: “Cirium continues to increase its investment in data science and emerging technologies that are creating new, high value analytics.

“The new products we are bringing to the market in this release, leverage our renowned industry-standard data and deliver increased visibility to the situations faced by the aviation industry every day.

“Cirium is committed to supporting the digitalisation of the aviation industry as it rebounds after a turbulent few years, enabling businesses to make critical decisions around airline operations, mitigating disruptions, offering advanced information pre-travel, and making better aircraft investment decisions which meet fuel efficiency targets.”

Under its machine-readable aviation analytics solution Cirium Sky, there will be three new products:

  • Cirium Sky Warehouse surfaces a wealth of historical and forward-looking aviation data and analytics for strategic planning and post-operations analysis and is available through either Snowflake or Amazon Redshift cloud software.

  • Cirium Sky API – Emissions provides real-time insights around the CO₂ emissions for each scheduled flight in the future, enabling businesses such as booking tool providers to offer carbon-reduction insights for corporate travel.

  • Cirium Sky Stream – Positional offers a live stream of aircraft positional data in real-time for situational awareness.

Under Cirium Diio, the industry-leading solution to managing and optimising network planning and aircraft movement around the world, a new Advanced Bookings tool will allow airports to analyse booking trends and leverage more proactive insights into passenger demand.

Two products will be revealed under Cirium Ascend, which delivers the 360-degree view of aircraft assets, past, present and future:

  • Cirium Ascend Risk Analytics enables aircraft financiers to monitor and benchmark the utilisation of aircraft assets in their portfolio and inform strategies to reduce CO₂ emissions.

  • Cirium Ascend Value Trends provides key value and liquidity metrics by different aircraft asset classes so financiers can improve return on investment and understand aircraft value risk.


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