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Clavister wins new defence engagement for national security

Clavister, a leader in European carrier-grade cybersecurity solutions for mission-critical applications, has announced a new customer engagement in the defence sector.

With the new engagement, Clavister will be providing cybersecurity to an undisclosed customer in the defence sector for a project related to national security within the European Union. The initial order to Clavister amounts to ca 3MSEK, and the engagement is expected to grow to at least 10MSEK per year after a ramp-up period of twelve to eighteen months and continue to run for a number of years.

Throughout the engagement, Clavister will deliver from its wide portfolio of cybersecurity technology and competence with the customer relying on Clavister as its preferred and trusted cybersecurity partner.

"I am proud to see that Clavister is once again selected to provide cybersecurity to one of the most demanding applications, namely national security in a defence context. Through our other partnerships within the defence sector, we have been able to develop our offering and our technology into a solution set that is highly viable and relevant for the defence industry in general," comments John Vestberg, CEO of Clavister.

The defence sector sees a strong uptake in cybersecurity investments, not only as part of multi-billion Euro defence upgrade contracts, but also following increased awareness within the industry in general.

One example of an innovative solution for defence is Clavister’s Cyber Armor solution. It greatly improves combat vehicle resilience to cyberattacks, such as through wireless connectivity, maintenance, supply chain and tampering. The solution is developed to military-graded standards, meaning it is as robust physically as it is digitally, enabling it to withstand harsh environments and full-on physical attacks.


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