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Commercial success for ANYWAVES, as they join Airbus onLoft Orbital’s satellite order

In early January, Airbus Defence and Space announced that it had been selected by the Franco-American start-up Loft Orbital to supply more than 15 satellite platforms, a contract that, according to French Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire, "demonstrates the vibrancy of New Space start-ups in France and the synergies throughout the space ecosystem when it comes to innovation on an industrial scale."

ANYWAVES has signed a contract to supply antennas that will equip the platforms in question. Thus, it is now part of the synergy highlighted by the Minister, confirming its position as an antenna supplier for satellite constellations.

After initial collaborations with the two actors of the project, ANYWAVES has been selected by Airbus Defence and Space to supply more than 70 products for the satellites to be deployed by Loft Orbital.

For Nicolas CAPET, CEO of ANYWAVES, "this order is excellent news. Beyond the major business gain, it allows us, after just five years of existence, to consolidate our strategic positioning. ANYWAVES is targeting the satellite constellation market, and we are right here in this exact situation. Furthermore, this is a perfect illustration of what constitutes the space of tomorrow: a collaboration between traditional players and newcomers at the service of a dynamic and innovative industry."

François GAULLIER, Airbus’ Director of Telecommunications Systems, comments: "We are already familiar with ANYWAVES and its antennas. Firstly because we signed a five-year framework contract together in the summer of 2021, and secondly because their telemetry, tracking and control antennas are precisely those that will equip our CO3D constellation. Retaining this equipment manufacturer again as part of the contract we signed with Loft Orbital is the mark of a fruitful collaboration. This is fully in line with our «Next Space» strategy, through which we will further engage with new players in the space ecosystem."

For Loft Orbital, ANYWAVES is also a partner of choice, as the two New Space players have already collaborated in the past. Thus, Gautier BRUNET is delighted with this selection: "Shortly after our installation in France, we were already announcing our intention to deploy satellites and as such integrate ANYWAVES’ products. Their S-band antennas are now flying on Yam-3 and we are delighted to know that they will be flying for us again in the near future."

After having successfully weathered the disruptions caused by the health crisis, ANYWAVES is stepping on the gas on its business development, which is illustrated by the signing of this contract in the first half of 2022.

To support its ambitions, ANYWAVES is continuing to invest in the development of its new products, its industrial resources and its sales and marketing teams. Several recruitments are planned in the coming months to continue its leadership in the satellite constellation antenna market.


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