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Comtech awarded foreign military sales contract to support Ukraine’s war efforts

Comtech announced today that the Company has been awarded a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Contract for the Ukrainian Government. The FMS contract is for beyond line-of-sight communications terminals and upgrades to the country’s existing systems. In March, Comtech donated identical systems to those now being purchased to the international effort to support the defense of Ukraine at the request of the Ukrainian government. These systems were requested by Ukrainian Special Forces to enhance their ability to rapidly deploy secure, resilient communication channels in contested environments.

Comtech has supported multiple communications upgrades and modernization initiatives for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense since 2017. As a result, Comtech is well placed to provide systems that were previously certified for use by the Ukrainian military and can be fielded with training provided by Comtech and current operators. Comtech’s market-leading solutions coupled with our ability to speed deployment of these critical support capabilities made the Company the obvious choice for a contract award.

“Comtech’s Troposcatter Family of Systems (FOS) provides U.S. and International customers the benefit of transporting secure, resilient high-capacity IP data communications to the tactical edge,” said Doug Houston, President of Comtech Systems, Inc.

The Company’s feature-rich terminals can easily be linked with other Comtech tactical, mobile, and fixed systems to provide a robust, comprehensive Beyond Line-of-Sight communications solution that can be used to enhance the Ukrainian Military’s existing communications capabilities. Comtech’s solutions are ideal for Tactical Military, Disaster Recovery, and Emergency Communications Restoration applications anywhere in the world.

“Global militaries have relied on our Comtech Systems division to consistently provide robust communications solutions globally for over forty years and our new state-of-the-art radio-modem technology is a game changer in the marketplace,” said Comtech’s Chairman, President, and CEO Ken Peterman.

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