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Comtech awarded order of next-gen ELEVATE™ VSAT platform supporting major Asian utility company

Comtech  announced today that it was awarded a strategic order for its newest Comtech ELEVATE™ VSAT platform. The network will connect up to 600 remotes sites, which belong to a large provider of critical infrastructure services in one of the major economies in Asia. The connectivity service combines both SCADA/telemetry and high-speed video connectivity as well as other types of enterprise data. This is made possible by the Comtech Dynamic Return Access (D-RAM) protocol which combines highly efficient MF-TDMA with Heights Dynamic Network Access (H-DNA) supporting high-speed video links.

“We at Comtech are proud to be part of this critical infrastructure project. The fact that our new ELEVATE™ technology is now selected for a very demanding SCADA and video application, whereas the previously announced ELEVATE™ network supported 4G cellular backhaul, is a testimony to unparalleled flexibility of the Comtech ELEVATE™ platform,” commented Vagan Shakhgildian, President of Comtech Satellite Network Technologies Corp.

Comtech and its partners designed the network such that maximizes the network availability by employing two Hubs in a geographically redundant configuration. Beside D-RAM, the network design makes use of several other innovative features of the Comtech ELEVATE™ architecture, such as AES-256 encryption, X.509 authentication and spectrum spreading, all of which ensure network security and robustness.

The Comtech ELEVATE™ solution is designed to enable private or shared VSAT networks of any size and topology, has unlimited potential for future development and can be deployed for every application imaginable. Comtech ELEVATE™ features a new D-RAM (“Dynamic Return Access Modes”) protocol with dynamic seamless switching between H-DNA and MF-TDMA waveforms using the same pool of bandwidth and industry-leading data throughput in both Forward and Return channels.


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