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Comtech welcomes Aarna Networks as new EVOKE technology partner

Comtech announced today that Aarna Networks, a leading provider of network automation and orchestration solutions, will become the Company’s latest publicly revealed EVOKE technology partner.

As the fourth publicly announced EVOKE technology partner, Aarna Networks will work with Comtech to create new integrated cloud-native solutions for emerging commercial and government use cases. By combining Aarna Networks technologies with Comtech’s Dynamic Cloud Platform (DCP), the companies will enable customers to easily add and manage a variety of open architecture cloud-based applications across private, hybrid, and public networks, in both terrestrial and non-terrestrial environments.

“By working with Aarna Networks as an EVOKE technology partner, we will open the door to new cloud-based applications that will support the convergence of communications infrastructures and empower individuals, communities, businesses, and governments by providing access to new technologies,” said Ken Peterman, President and CEO, Comtech. “As connectivity services expand into new global markets, the need for innovative cloud applications will continue to grow. By integrating Aarna Networks zero-touch edge orchestration technologies with Comtech’s DCP offerings, we will multiply the value our cloud-native solutions can bring to 5G, satellite communications, and edge computing customers around the world.”

Comtech’s DCP is designed to be infrastructure, cloud, and application agnostic. Comtech’s DCP also unlocks the availability of new third-party cloud-based applications across current and future computing environments.

Aarna Network’s software, and software as a service (SaaS) solutions, leverage open source, cloud native, and DevOps methodologies to provide zero-touch edge and 5G service orchestration and management (SMO) services.

“Aarna Networks is thrilled to be an EVOKE technology partner and to integrate with Comtech’s DCP,” said Amar Kapadia, Co-founder and CEO, Aarna Networks. “This allows us to bring edge and 5G services orchestration to diverse infrastructures and management systems for a broad set of industry use cases. Our open source, vendor neutral Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) SMO offering is important for a variety of customers segments across global markets.”

EVOKE is Comtech’s Innovation Foundry, which is led by the company’s Chief Growth Officer, Anirban Chakraborty, and is dedicated to creating and accelerating transformational changes across the global technology landscape. EVOKE engages with customers, partners, and suppliers to push the boundaries of technologies that will lay the foundation of connectivity as well as shape future societies and ecosystems.


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