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Comtech welcomes Robert Samuels as Vice President of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

Comtech Telecommunications has named investment and financial analysis expert Robert Samuels as its Vice President of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications. This newly created position will significantly enhance Comtech’s commitment to shareholder engagement and transparency.

Samuels brings over 20 years of Wall Street experience from working at leading financial institutions, including UBS Global Wealth Management, where he served in the Chief Investment Office, producing company-specific and thematic research, as well as marketing collateral for the firm’s financial advisors and private clients. While at UBS, Samuels drove investment performance of tens of billions worth of assets, outperforming the sector benchmark and S&P 500 for five consecutive years.

“As we turn Comtech into becoming the most trusted provider of Failsafe Communications, we want to increase engagement around our transformation with the entire financial community,” said Michael Porcelain, President and CEO of Comtech. “Having a seasoned investment professional like Robert on our team strengthens our ability to tell Comtech’s compelling story and elevate our brand. Robert will assist Comtech’s leadership in its ongoing evaluation of potential new segment reporting and non-GAAP financial measures, and the roll out of our new social media initiatives. I am confident that with his expertise and fresh insights, Robert will make a strong contribution to Comtech.”

“I’ve focused my work on industries that impact people in their daily lives,” said Robert Samuels. “What Comtech does is undeniably critical, as it provides Failsafe Communications that people, businesses, and governments know they can rely on, no matter where they are – on land, at sea, or in the air – and no matter what’s going on outside – from armed conflict to a natural disaster. I look forward to amplifying that exciting story and helping to convey the strong investment opportunity it represents.”


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