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Coventry University and NUST to launch two new scientific laboratories in Pakistan

Professor Elena Gaura (right) and Dr Osman Hassan cutting the ribbon at the Internet of Things lab in Pakisan.
Professor Elena Gaura (right) and Dr Osman Hassan cutting the ribbon at the Internet of Things lab in Pakisan.

Coventry University has joined forces with the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) to launch the Internet of Things (IoT) and Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) laboratories in Pakistan.

NUST is a multi-disciplinary, entrepreneurial university based in Pakistan, whose founding principles are based on research and innovation. Through the collaboration, both institutions aim to enhance their research capabilities and international recognition for science and technology.

Guided by Professor Elena Gaura, Director of Data Science and Emerging Technologies at Coventry University, the IoT laboratory will investigate how physical objects, embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies, connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the internet.

Caption: Professor Elena Gaura (right) and Dr Osman Hassan cutting the ribbon at the Internet of Things lab in Pakisan.

Under the leadership of Professor Ajmal Khan, Dean NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, the IoT facility also aims to develop solutions to local problems and add value to society by achieving new levels of performance through modern technology.

The HRI laboratory, pioneered by Professor James Brusey, Co-Director of Coventry University’s Centre for Computational Science and Mathematical Modelling (CSM), is dedicated to the understanding, designing, and evaluating robotic systems for use by or with people.

Led by Professor Javaid Iqbal, Dean NUST School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, the HRI facility also seeks to utilise techniques such as artificial intelligence and computer modelling to improve the ways in which people and machines work together.

Both research facilities are being launched with a ceremony at NUST in June 2023 in the presence of senior leaders and researchers behind the development.

Professor Richard Dashwood, Coventry University's Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research, said: “The opening of the laboratories in Pakistan is an exciting time for Coventry University, as we continue to innovate and shape the future of science and technology.

“Through this joint collaborative venture, students and faculty members of both institutions will gain access to new research avenues and diverse educational environments, which will ultimately foster a greater knowledge exchange in research practices and teaching methodologies.

“We are proud to have a global approach to research, energised by our strong collaborative relationships with overseas institutions like NUST.”

Dr Osman Hassan, NUST Pro-Rector Academics, said: “NUST-Coventry collaboration will further strengthen through the inauguration of these joint labs. Through joint supervision of students working on different projects conducted through these labs, stronger academic linkages will develop between the faculty members of both sides.

“NUST looks forward to having more opportunities for knowledge exchange, submission of joint research proposals, joint publications, and joint seminars and conferences through its collaboration with Coventry.”

Launching these research facilities is part of the ongoing collaboration between the two institutions, which has included the Women in STEM Scholarships and a Research Skills training and development week for CSM and NUST PhD students.

New initiatives between Coventry University and NUST include the Master Student Placements Programme, which will welcome NUST students to spend three months conducting research in CSM as part of their MSc thesis in Autumn 2023.

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