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DFI partners with Hectronic for debut at DSEI, world's top defense exhibition

DFI partners with Hectronic for debut at DSEI, world's top defense exhibition

DFI in collaboration with embedded computer system solution partner Hectronic, is making its debut appearance at the biennial Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI), the world's largest defense and security technology exhibition.

DFI will not only be presenting the 19-inch custom encrypted communication product developed in conjunction with Hectronic but also will be bringing a series of rugged products including industrial-grade embedded motherboards, system on module (SOM) solutions, and embedded systems. This collaboration not only demonstrates the R&D prowess of both companies but also highlights the achievements in strengthening the application ecosystem.

Alexander Su, President of DFI, stated that rugged products are versatile due to their high stability, thus giving them diverse applications in the defense sector such as control systems, missile systems, radar systems, workstations, and more. With years of dedication in the defense industry, DFI boasts a comprehensive line of rugged products and industry-leading technological expertise. DFI and Hectronic Collaborate on Encrypted Communication Device, Enhancing Security with TPM Integration Addressing information security, the 19-inch custom encrypted communication device jointly developed by DFI and Hectronic features an innovative "intrusion detection" design. It incorporates a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) in line with international security standards for dedicated secure cryptographic processing, thereby reinforcing device security. Furthermore, among the array of rugged products exhibited by DFI, aside from meeting the general specifications demanded of military products such as wide temperature ranges, high stability, and versatile built-in interfaces, they also bring solutions enabling edge computing applications. This includes the recently-introduced rugged x86 IPC ECX700-AL, the TGU9A2, TGU968, and other TGU series SOM solutions powered by Intel's 11th generation processors. As emerging technologies such as drones and artificial intelligence (AI) continue to emerge, the demand for upgrading military equipment among nations will continue to grow. According to a research report by Research and Markets, a global research institution, the global defense market is expected to reach US$838 billion by 2031, with an annual compound growth rate of 5.8% from 2021 to 2031. With an eye on the growth potential of the defense market, this exhibition has attracted over 230 first-time participants, including DFI, engaging more than 2,800 suppliers from the defense sector. For more information:


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