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DIFI announces PlugFest 2024 Europe, June 17-21

DIFI announces PlugFest 2024 Europe, June 17-21

UK Satellite Applications Catapult’s Harwell Campus will be the site of the second PlugFest of the Digital Intermediate Frequency Interoperability Consortium (DIFI).  

This first-ever DIFI event in Europe is being organised by founding member ETL Systems. The PlugFest, which will include companies testing digital operability of ground segment technology using the DIFI Standard, begins on Monday June 17 and will run through Friday June 21.  

From Monday to Thursday morning, the event is restricted to DIFI members bringing equipment to be tested, while Thursday afternoon’s Showcase event will be open to all and include a keynote, panel session, demonstrations and discussions with the companies testing the interoperability of their products.  

During the last PlugFest, hosted by Kratos Defense & Security Solutions in Colorado Springs, USA, 25 engineers tested 13 vendor technologies at the 1.1 standard level. Nearly 90% of the planned interoperability tests were successful, proving the core functionality of the DIFI Standard in providing interoperability among different vendor systems.  

During the UK event, the goal is to test compatibility for products at the 1.1 and the new 1.2 level.

DIFI’s Chairman and Kratos’ Vice President of Advance Technology Stuart Daughtridge noted that, during the last PlugFest, the test profiles ranged from low to high sample rates with low to high bit depths – specifically, from 12.5 Msamples/sec at a bit depth of 16 bits per sample, up to 750 Msamples/sec at a bit depth of 6 bits. “We expect this PlugFest to be as rigorous and productive for our members,” he added. “It will also provide more opportunities for engagement with the Showcase and networking to follow.”

Simon Swift, Engineering Director for Digital Technologies with ETL Systems, the host organisation for the event added, “We are very proud to bring this PlugFest to the UK and Europe. Our members here and internationally are keenly interested in interoperability as a means of continuing the innovations that are taking place at teleports and the ground segment of the satellite industry.”

For information on registration for DIFI PlugFest 2024 Europe, email


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