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  • Laurence Russell

Vialite makes rack chassis integration easy with passive RF & optical cards for reliable satcoms

ViaLite's new range of Passive RF and Optical Cards offer expanded capabilities for the 3U rack chassis and ODE-B3U enclosures, providing a convenient option whereby carrier cards can be integrated with rack-mounted applications internally, rather than secured to a chassis externally.

ViaLite Passive RF and Optical Cards

The cards can be easily added to an existing system. Additionally, as they're predominately designed for Satcom applications, they offer the advantage of connections accessible from the rear panel. These Passive RF and Optical Cards also allow for connectivity with Monitoring & Control (M&C) modules, enabling users to view their statuses in their ViaLite RF over fiber software.

Along with Satcom, the cards are suitable for defense, GPS/GNSS, disaster recovery, public utilities and marine applications.

The cards are available in various configurations, including:

  • 5 MHz to 1 GHz Splitter

  • L-Band Splitter

  • CWDM Multiplexer

  • Dual 10 MHz / L-Band Diplexer.

In addition to the range of carrier cards, ViaLite has also released a Media Converter Card. This rack chassis card is an unmanaged switch, offering the ability to connect to two devices remotely via fiber, extending the network to the remote location. It comes with one optical port and two RJ45 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet connections.

ViaLite's Product Manager, Edward Levack said, "It has been great to update the range of accessories with carrier cards and the updated Media Converter Card. The Passive RF and Optical Cards now offer easy integration of accessories into the chassis. No more need to have extra equipment dangling from the back of the rack."

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