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Elettronica plays key role in EU defence funding calls by participating in pioneering new projects

In its 70 years’ history, Elettronica has built a solid reputation as a European company by participating in the main defence programmes, such as Eurofighter Typhoon, FREMM, NH90, which have consolidated its expertise and, at the same time, built a joint heritage of competences, together with various nations and companies.

As a company with a strong European vocation, Elettronica has contributed to defining the national and European technological sovereignty, and to be ready to face the challenges of the coming years. This has also been done through participation in EU funded projects with the main European partners and players of innovation, working together on new courses of industry research.

Against this background, Elettronica has set up an internal dedicated unit and developed specific competences for promoting, activating, and responding to the opportunities offered by European Union initiatives. This approach was not only meant for seizing returns in terms of investment, but also for strengthening the development of its own engineering capability, and to position itself within future European military programmes.

The projects selected by the European Commission, in the framework of the 2021 Work Programme of the European Defence Fund, range from surveillance capability and platform self-protection projects, where Elettronica contributes, with its robust expertise in the Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations EMSO, to European defence and security applications, in every domain, including Space. There are also projects on disruptive technologies, such as those on quantum, which characterize the company as constantly projected towards the future requirements of the defence sector.

Below an overview of the projects selected for European funding participated by Elettronica:

NAVGUARD Advanced Galileo PRS resilience for EU Defence

The project aims at building an EU NAVWAR capability gathering efforts and federating means of the Member States. Such an EU NAVWAR capability will contribute to the unlimited and uninterrupted access to the Galileo PRS worldwide, on EU Member States territory and abroad during operations or missions.

Through this project, Elettronica - which contributes with its capabilities in the development of CONOPS and operational requirements, as well as in the definition of active countermeasures - applies its EMSO knowhow also in the Space domain and in the part of the electromagnetic spectrum dedicated to satellite navigation.

EuroHAPS High altitude platform system demonstrator

The aim of the project is to develop HAPS solutions to test properly the operational and technical challenges of the different HAPS platform types, and as such making a substantial contribution to European Defence and Security applications. HAPS systems provide unique performance in terms of resolution and/or link margin due to their relative proximity to the ground and can provide over-the-horizon detection capabilities of low-flying land, sea or air targets.

In addition, the implementation and operation of multiple different sensors - which provide different types of data - can help process valuable, high-quality information which, when integrated with each other, can greatly improve the relevance of those HAPS platforms.

Through its contribution to this project - the development of a SIGINT payload operating from 20Km of altitude - Elettronica extends its competences to new environments. Together with Navguard, this is a fundamental call for the growth of Company in the Space domain.

ENGRT EU Next Generation Rotorcraft Technologies

The aim of this project is to focus on next generation EU military rotorcrafts, with a special attention to research into future technologies, the future operating environment and operational concepts of the next military vertical take-off and landing systems.

The importance of rotorcrafts, as principal vertical take-off and landing assets/systems in military operations is widely recognized. Military rotorcrafts perform missions such as Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR), MEDical EVACuation (MEDEVAC), which are critical to the success of military operations.

By participating in this project, and in synergy with the CARMENTA project (coordinated by Elettronica and already funded by the EU in 2020), the company confirms itself as the European leader in platform self-protection.

ADEQUADE Advanced, Disruptive and Emerging Quantum technologies for Defence

This project aims at providing a breakthrough in different quantum-sensing domains, which will develop capabilities with significant technological, operational and strategic advantages over existing defence products or technologies in different warfare areas.

The possession and implementation of quantum technologies will be a turning point in many application domains. Developing and mastering these technologies will give both superiority in the mission, and a competitive advantage on the international market. Europe and its Member States are fully committed to supporting this technological development to compete with important international competitors.

In this project, Elettronica's contribution is focused on the use of RF quantum sensors in the EW segment.

AGAMI_EURIGAMI European Innovative GaN Advanced Microwave Integration

The project covers the complete supply chain for Gallium Nitride (GaN) starting from epitaxy up to the component packaging and integration in modern electronic defence systems. The project also focuses on the improvement of the technology and of the resilience against electrical and environmental threats.

The technology is a key enabler for high performance RF electronic components, which are the cornerstone of critical military systems like radar and electronic warfare. GaN has replaced previous gallium arsenide (GaAs) technology, providing more power, bandwidth and linearity to electronic RF amplifiers.

By participating in this project, Elettronica will obtain new generation European devices (MMIC and SiP) that can be used in its own future systems.

EICACS European Initiative for Collaborative Air Combat Standardization

The main challenge of the project is to build a European perspective that allows Member States to address collaborative air combat capabilities in the medium and long term, combining future air combat systems, manned and unmanned platforms, legacy platforms and their evolution, including sensors and effectors.

The EICACS aims at ensuring the interoperability of such assets and a seamless integration of future combat air systems.

Elettronica’s contribution to this project is fundamental in view of the benefit a collaborative approach to Electronic Warfare systems can provide to the platform survivability. Elettronica’s participation to the project is also in synergy with other EU funded projects such as CARMENTA and REACT.

AInception AI Framework for Improving Cyber Defence Operation

The project aims at developing tools and techniques for AI-based intrusion detection that outperform current military systems for selected scenarios and techniques that which can abstract, aggregate, enrich and contextualize alerts into a more manageable set of abstracted meta-alerts.


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