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Equatorial Space inaugurates new HQ in Singapore

Singapore’s launcher startup, Equatorial Space, reveals a new, 12,000 square foot  headquarters and production facility in the Tuas area of the island-state at an  opening ceremony attended by 40 representatives from Singapore’s government  agencies and fellow industry players. 

The facility features a 40ft-container-accessible production floor, and a 420  square foot avionics & payload processing room being fitted to ISO 8 standards to  support its suborbital launch services starting 2024, and orbital launches  beginning in 2026. 

“Over the last 6 years we had 100 reasons to close down, and just one to carry on.  We chose the latter,” says Simon Gwozdz, CEO of Equatorial Space. 

“Our new facility is a testimony of our resilience – almost four times the size of all  our previous facilities combined and providing space for our sounding rocket and  microlauncher development programs,” he added. 

Jonathan Hung, the Executive Director of Singapore’s Office for Space  Technologies and Industry (OSTIn) was the Guest of Honour at the ceremony. 

“This is not only a celebration of a Singapore startup expanding, it is also a  celebration of achievements that ESS has secured to realize its vision of making  spaceflight more affordable, accessible and perhaps most importantly – sustainable,” said Mr Hung during his opening remarks“ 

“I have visited many rocket factories – and it is truly a feat to be in one in  Singapore,” he summed up.

Equatorial Space is a Techstars-backed, Singapore-headquartered rocket  propulsion and launcher company started in 2017.  

With its proprietary propulsion technologies, Equatorial Space builds game changing, eco-friendly, low-cost and explosives-free rockets to foster the future of  space exploration. 

In 2020, Equatorial Space became the first company in Southeast Asia to test  launch a commercially developed rocket prototype, testing it’s core technologies.  It will begin orbital launch services in 2026. 

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