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Eutelsat Group & Intelsat ink significant new deal for partnership on Eutelsat’s OneWeb LEO Constellation

Eutelsat Group announces that it has signed a major new multi-year, multimillion-dollar agreement partnering with Intelsat on its OneWeb Low Earth Orbit Constellation.

Commencing in mid-2024, the deal is valued at up to $500 million over seven years, with a firm commitment of $250m, including the $45m deal signed in March 2023, with options of a further $250 million by the end of the period. It will enable Intelsat to combine OneWeb’s LEO Network with its GEO and terrestrial networks to deliver comprehensive customer solutions supporting networks, government, and mobility sectors.

Innovation and technological advancement and the opportunity to incorporate Intelsat’s input into the build-out of the Next generation OneWeb constellation as one of its major practitioners will form key elements of the partnership. Such collaboration will help to further enhance the OneWeb system as it evolves to support complex, next-generation communication needs and offer robust and reliable connectivity solutions that are second to none.

"Over the past couple of years, Intelsat has leveraged our partnership with the Eutelsat Group to initiate our strategy of enabling multi-orbit solutions in the commercial aviation and government markets. The announcement takes that partnership to a new level, enhancing our ability to offer new, true multi-orbit services and solutions across our portfolio of customers and business segments.” said Dave Wajsgras, Chief Executive Officer of Intelsat.

Eva Berneke, Chief Executive Officer of Eutelsat Group added: “This expanded partnership with Intelsat represents a strong vote of confidence in the capabilities of the OneWeb satellite constellation, today and well into the future, as well as showcasing the necessity in today’s world for major satellite operators to be able to offer multi-orbit solutions to their customers. We are also delighted to further deepen our collaborative approach with Intelsat going forward, leveraging its unparalleled experience in the key verticals of Aviation and Government.

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