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Filtronic launches high-power E-band transceiver for 5G XHaul applications

Filtronic plc, the designer and manufacturer of RF-to-mmWave components and subsystems, today announced the launch of Morpheus X2, the latest generation of its market-leading E-band transceiver for carrier-grade applications in 5G backhaul, midhaul and fronthaul – collectively known as XHaul.

Morpheus X2

Morpheus X2 is the latest design based on Filtronic’s proven E-band (71 – 76GHz and 81 – 86 GHz) transceiver platform, of which over 75,000 units have already been shipped and deployed in radio links worldwide. Integrating all the RF transmit and receive functions required for an E-band radio link, the transceiver module offers a linear transmit power output of +23dBm – 3dB higher than the standard Morpheus II product – while occupying the same compact footprint of 90 x 80mm. Receiver noise figure is typically 7 – 8dB , and an enhanced option with 4.5 – 5.5dB noise figure is also available for specialised applications.

This higher power level enables longer link lengths when the modules are used in all types of mmWave XHaul applications. The compact form factor of the modules and their reconfigurable architecture also provide an ideal platform from which to develop ultra-high capacity payloads and ground systems for LEO satellite constellations and High Altitude Platform Systems (HAPS).

“Morpheus X2 transceiver modules are manufactured in Filtronic’s precision microelectronics assembly facility in Sedgefield in the UK,” said Dan Rhodes, Director of Business Development ‒ mmWave Technology at Filtronic. “Our extensive in-house design experience, combined with our precise control over the manufacturing process, has enabled us to optimally match the transceiver interfaces with the internally integrated diplexer. This has allowed us to optimise RF when compared to packaged device architectures, and to achieve exceptionally high manufacturing yields against this leading, enhanced specification.”

Dell’Oro Group has forecast that E-band mmWave radio links will experience the fastest growth of all the frequency bands over the five-year period to 2026, with the combined E-band and V-Band market predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25%. This growth is being driven by the global demand for XHaul for 5G networks, for which radio links in the mmWave bands can provide both high capacity and high data rate.


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