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Freedom Space Technologies awarded contract in partnership with OMNI Federal

Updated: Jan 24

Freedom Space Technologies™ announced its first contract win in a joint effort with OMNI Federal to support the modernization activity known as Future Operationally Resilient Ground Evolution System (FORGE) Command and Control (C2) for the Space Systems Command/Space Sensing Directorate (SSC/SN).

The intent of FORGE C2 is to provide an operational system that will transition the capabilities of legacy and future assets to a Missile Warning ground baseline owned and maintained by Space Systems Command, without degrading existing operational capabilities.  

This effort is focused on transitioning the C2 capabilities to include:

  • Telemetry, Tracking and Commanding (TT&C)

  • Mission Management (MM)

  • Flight Dynamics (FD)

  • Orbital Services (OS)

  • Ground Control/Ground Resource Management (GRM)

Phase I of the contract began in late 2023 and will continue for a 16-month period of performance. Freedom Space will deliver software solutions for FORGE C2 that build upon ATLAS Space Operations’ revolutionary Freedom™ software platform and will bridge the architecture of the government’s existing systems with a new prototype that is being developed.

“Freedom Space is thrilled to receive its inaugural contract to support the Space Force in bringing ground station capabilities into modern architecture. Being positioned in Colorado Springs allows us to be closer to our government customers, and our excitement to support Space Force is immeasurable,” shares Freedom Space President, T.I. Weintraub. “Our team has supported several civil government missions, including Air Force, NASA, and NOAA. By harnessing the excellence of ATLAS Space Operations, we’re pivoting our expertise to assist the Space Force to address emerging threats and new mission requirements.”

“Omni Federal is very pleased to have Freedom Space on our Team Voltron for the FORGE C2 effort. Freedom Space brings a wealth of knowledge about cloud-based satellite ground stations, dynamic enterprise level satellite scheduling, and experienced military space professionals. Omni Federal is revolutionizing DoD systems with our innovative, culture-first approach to teaming and Freedom Space embraces the same approach,” said Nate Moser, Director of Space Programs at Omni Federal.

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