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G-Core Labs launches a cloud container service called Managed Kubernetes

The international provider of cloud and edge solutions G-Core Labs has launched Managed Kubernetes - a service for managing cloud containers. It allows the clients to quickly receive ready-to-use Kubernetes clusters and to automate application scaling and deployment in the provider's cloud.

The Managed Kubernetes service enables G-Core Labs’ clients to accelerate and simplify the process of developing, testing, and deploying new application versions. This is possible thanks to the automation of management, updating and scaling of containers.

"Managed Kubernetes allows you to use all the platform’s advantages and to get rid of its main drawbacks, such as complicated maintenance, the need to implement the orchestrator into your own infrastructure, and extra load on the IT team," comments Seva Vayner, head of cloud platforms at G-Core Labs. “With the new service, our clients receive ready-to-use Kubernetes clusters in the cloud and don’t have to spend any extra resources on infrastructure maintenance."

V.Vayner, G-Core Labs head of cloud platforms

Thanks to Managed Kubernetes, G-Core Labs clients can make their applications work in a more reliable and stable manner. To achieve this, the provider has implemented automatic monitoring of node operating efficiency and automatic cluster scaling into the new service. In addition, the cloud service ensures a secure connection. When this connection is established between the master node and the nodes within the cluster, it is automatically encrypted. The service also protects applications against DDoS attacks: all client projects receive protection at the network and transport level by default.

You can use Managed Kubernetes in the G-Core Labs cloud for free: only virtual machines, disks and load balancers need to be paid for. The provider takes over all the tasks connected with managing the clusters and ensuring their availability: the equipment is located in reliable tier III and IV data centers, and round-the-clock technical support provides quick real-time assistance.

G-Core Labs сloud Infrastructure is powered by 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable (codenamed Ice Lake), new processors with built-in advanced capabilities for artificial intelligence, encryption and HPC. They are well suited for any task of accelerating, scaling, and strengthening the security of cloud infrastructure.


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