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Gilat and Intelsat expand strategic IFC partnership with multimillion-dollar agreements for Americas

Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd., a worldwide leader in satellite networking technology, solutions, and services, announced today that the company and Intelsat are expanding their strategic partnership with multimillion-dollar agreements to increase in-flight connectivity (IFC) in the Americas.

Gilat hubs deployed in the USA and Brazil will be expanded to support increased network capacity to address growing bandwidth demands on Intelsat’s IFC network in the Western Hemisphere. Gilat’s solution is already proven worldwide as an operational system that allows aviation service providers like Intelsat to streamline IFC service fulfillment.

“To support even higher levels of IFC connectivity demand by air travelers, Intelsat is expanding its network and augmenting its commercial aviation services in the Americas,” said Dave Bijur, SVP Commercial at Intelsat.

“The post-COVID recovery of in-flight connectivity continues! With this new expansion of Intelsat’s network, our IFC solution is helping to deliver better access to reliable, high-quality in-flight communications to a growing number of air travelers,” said Amir Yafe, VP of Mobility & Global Accounts at Gilat. “Working together, Gilat and Intelsat are addressing the increased demand for in-flight communication services all over the world.”


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